Amazing Japan a country of rising sun interested in Skyway technology Visit to the Tokyo Corporation television station at Skyway. A visit of guests from Japan began with getting to know Skyway technology at InnTrans 2018 and then they visited the production plants and EkoTechnoPark where they saw the operation of the systems during their own eyes. Here is a video of the visit of guests from the land of the rising sun.

SKY WAY CAPITAL on Synergy Global Forum

Synergy Global Forum, the world’s largest business forum on which Skyway issued its stance presenting stringed Skyway technologies.

The company presented models of track surfaces and two modes of transport, high-speed and suspended 1:10. Thanks to 3D glasses, you could come to the EkoTechnoPark in Belarus and see the Skyway stations and look into the future.

The French portal Actu-Transport-Logisttique dealing with the subject of transport and logistics has published an article about the construction of the Skyway Innovation Center in the United Arab Emirates. He emphasized his current status, advantages and development opportunities.

Original article.


Anatoly Junicki was awarded the Slovak International Peace Prize

The ceremony was attended by the ambassadors of China and the Russian Federation and the Slovak Defense Minister as well as businessmen, scientists and politicians from around the world.

At the ceremony, the high-ranking guests Anatoly Junickio said about the need for the development of land transport and astronautics. About creating an alternative for cars with internal combustion engines and moving the industry to Earth orbit, if we do not want to destroy ourselves.

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