Even lighter,

The SkyWay project is still expanding its offer, not only for transport modules, but also for a track surface: recently, the EkoTechnoPark has started preparations for testing a new, super light version of stringed roads.

“Despite the fact that the line is super light and has a low load capacity, it can solve serious problems.This line can be built to lead to any village, plot, to any housing estate, moreover it can be built by all rivers, because the spans of the spans They can be as much as 2-3 km, basically it is an analogue of Soviet-style folk cars such as “Żiguli” and “Zaporizhzh”, cheap and simple in execution, which for many remained the only available means of transport, “- commented the new solution designer General SkyWay Anatoly Yunitski during the EcoFestive 2018.

Detailed information about what is needed for a new type of track surface, how it works and what are its advantages, we will reveal to you in one future reportage, but for now we suggest that you watch how the process of preparing a new infrastructure system is being tested.

Stable work is a sign of perfection

All those who have not managed to travel by SkyWay will be able to visit EkoTechnoPark and catch up – such promise was made by the CJSC “String Technologies” company in August this year after the EcoFestival. Last Saturday, October 6, the first group of people who wanted to assess the functioning of the string transport system based on their own experience, visited the SkyWay test site.

We emphasize that the guests of EkoTechnoPark alone organized a group of about 100 people and turned to the management of CJSC “String Technologies” with a request to organize a visit. If you intend to follow their example, it is important that you follow the same procedure, because unplanned visits of small groups are impossible under the current mode of work on the premises of EcoTechnoPark.

Recently, the means of string transport have shown that they can operate not only in test mode, but also can be used to transport passengers. Guest impressions are only positive – at any time and in any weather, SkyWay transport remains comfortable, safe and effective.

SkyWay: a secret in design

On the website of the Russian daily Nizavisimaja Gazeta (Polish: Independent Gazeta) an article devoted to the perspectives of the development of transport technologies was published. The specialized InnoTrans 2018 transport fair in Berlin, which gathered thousands of exhibitors from various countries of the world, was an observation platform for popular trends in the transport services market. Among the novelties that interested the author of the publication are trains powered by alternative energy sources and SkyWay string transport.

“However, not only new types of fuel, but also a new design can significantly increase the energy efficiency of the vehicle.Thanks to this, the transport means presented by the Belarusian company” String Technologies “deserves attention.In principle, we are talking about an innovative means of transport that can accelerate to 500 km / h, namely the high-speed unibus, one of the new SkyWay vehicles, the company designing SkyWay Technologies Co. (CJSC “String Technologies”) has developed and marketed rail transport systems based on the use of ultralight trestles with unique design. SkyWay – unibus and unibike – was presented at InnoTrans 2016, since then designers have moved forward, this year the creators of string transport present a completely new design – a high-speed unibus that can reach 500 km per hour. “

The source is Skyway news

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