To save the planet SkyWay is ahead of expectations.

The International Organization for Economy and Climate is a global committee that deals with the impact of economic development on the environment. The Commission is independent and has complete freedom of expression. At the meeting of the commission on September 5, many innovative solutions were presented, which, according to the committee, implemented until 2030, will bring such benefits as:

65 million new jobs;

700,000 lives saved;

USD 2.8 trillion in profit for state budgets after shaping prices for coal resources;

And if you support all these projects and implement them, they will save 26 trillion dollars.

The report highlighted the stringed SkyWay transport, which has ready-made solutions corresponding to all the ideas of the Global Commission like reducing pollution and better infrastructure.


Skyway technology solves many problems related to excessive emission of dangerous substances that get into the atmosphere. Let’s see how fast we develop, how much we need energy, oil, coal so that we can grow and function. It is true that we produce energy-saving equipment of everyday use, cars, trains, airplanes that consume less fuel, and at the same time release less polluting substances. But there is one catch, we produce much more cars and other goods that need energy, which only leads to a slight slowdown of the destruction of our Earth. But fortunately, we are coming to the rescue of Skyway string technology which has ready solutions to protect against excessive warming of the atmosphere. Through the Skyway string solution of transport elevation to the earth, many crowded cities in the world, struggling with smog, will breathe and see the sun. I think that soon we will see the first effects of Skyway technology that is being created. The train has already started.

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