Today I would like to present you the Skyway stringed goods system. The escapade was built on the premises of EcoTechnoPark, where Skaway technology is being tested. The construction of the first freight transport line is officially announced this week.

In an interview with Dmitry Tikhonov, the chief designer in charge of the draft stringed transport project speaks in an interview about the features, application, operation of the system, commodity vehicles and the surface of the goods.

Interview Dmitry Tikhonov solutions offered by freight transport – These solutions are aimed at improving the efficiency of the system compared to the competition, for example with classic conveyor belts. First, the unitrans is a kind of continuous train: the loading belt in it moves on the pairs of wheels along the steel rail, which increases the stability and safety of the load, and also minimizes energy losses. Secondly, the unitransie uses an external drive motor that allows you to build cargo systems without length restrictions. Thirdly, the rotational model of unitransu unloading saves time on micrologististics, thanks to which, in the large-scale aspect, there is the opportunity to save a lot of time, and thus money. In addition, the construction of the SkyWay freight system flyover assumes that the main loads from the span and vehicles are transferred to the anchor supports – thanks to this, the intermediate support is lightweight, cheap to install without loss of strength. Among the possible applications of the SkyWay freight transport system is the mining industry. The delivery of bulk cargo – metallurgical, chemical, etc. – can be combined with other types of transport thanks to the multimodality of string transport.

Thanks to the optimized logistics of industrial transport, this solution attracts investors. The most serious player at the moment is Argentina. In this country there is a large extraction of shale hydrocarbons, and this requires the expansion of the commodity infrastructure. The Argentine-based oil and gas company YPF has expressed its willingness to invest $ 30 million in the shale sector. Argentine business representative Jorge Lopez came to the Skyway office to learn about the company’s freight transport solution. Preliminary agreements have been signed regarding the construction of Skyway transport infrastructure and Argentina. See the video.

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