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At the top of the 12th anniversary of RTA Al-Thayer, the Ministry of Transport of the UAE presented a plan for the development of transport infrastructure.

The plan is to develop business and support talents and projects for the sake of future generations. For the construction of transport infrastructure in the UAE, the Dubai government has allocated 19% of its budget. The money will be spent on the development of the innovative technology of the Dubai Sky Pods along with Dubai Metro, Dubai Taxi, Dubai Bus, Dubai Tram and Dubai Marine. In December 2018, the prince of dubai, Sheik Hamdan, after hearing the Skyway technology, expressed his admiration with this technology on Twitter.

Dubai thinks out-of-the-box… It is taking bold steps with the aim of kick-starting a revolution in transportation by undertaking new projects such as the Dubai Sky pods, a futuristic mobility system that requires one tenth the infrastructure of conventional transit systems

In Dubai on 10 to 12 February 2019, the World Government Summit was attended by representatives of 140 countries to talk in the field of science, technology and global management. New regional media such as Gult News, Khaleej Times and Esquire Middle East have written about the innovative string technology of Skyway. A plan to expand the Skyway infrastructure was also established. Included is the connection of the airport with office buildings and high skyscrapers. Thanks to such solutions, the traffic will be smaller, the emission of carbon dioxide will be lower, and the damage in the environment will be minimal. the summits are traditionally. At the summit, prototypes were presented that will be part of the Sky Pods of the United Arab Emirates

If you want to be a part of this project, help build an environmentally friendly transport with Skyway, and at the same time derive financial benefits as the company grows, do not hesitate to become familiar with this project. Registration is free and does not require a KYC transfer unless you want to purchase Skyway shares.

By registering from this link, you will be able to take advantage of a 10% discount on any purchase of shares in Skyway. After that you will be able to keep track of what is going on in the company and access to 24-hour support, where you get all the information that interests you.

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    1. Zawodowiec Post author

      That’s right. But you know, many of us wanted to live there. You are equal to many countries looking at the UAE what is happening here. If the Sky Pods project is implemented and visible in your country, others will also want to have such transport in their own country. Thanks for comment . Regards. Pawel.