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1)  Professor of the Ural State University of Architecture and Art Mikhail Matveyev presents his vision of the modern city.. According to his concept, the cities of the future should be moved to the second level with the entire infrastructure. According to him, the construction should be directed to a multi-level transportation system. It should also be individual and group, fast and friendly environment with the possibility of getting into the vehicle directly from our home. All this is accomplished by the Skyway stringed transport technology. More news for links:

2)  Skyway is preparing to carry out contracts. A new production hall near completion of construction. Large orders and contracts have resulted in the creation of a second production hall next to the existing in Belarus in EkoTechnoPark. We already know that in the Emirates a construction team is being built where research will be carried out on the adaptation of vehicles to the conditions prevailing in the Middle East, and the allocation of a large plot of land in neighboring Emirates, where tests will be carried out on high-speed SkyWay that will connect Dubai and AbuDabi. More information in the film. Enable subtitles in the language you use.


3)  Unicar in the tropics: Hydraulic suspension, improved machine system and braking system are improvements that have been made in the tropical Unicar version. Unicar-T (T like tropiki) because this is the way the vehicle will be marked which will move in the Middle East. It is one of eight vehicles that are predicted for the conditions prevailing in the local climate.


Enhancements to Unicar T.

– The maximum working temperature will increase from 40 to 60 ° C;

– Inside the vehicle, the temperature will be maintained at + 20-23 ° C;

– Reproduction of all systems: two air-conditioning systems, two cooling systems, two batteries, two charging methods – a socket and a power collector;

-Improved braking system;

– Hydraulic suspension;

– Stronger electric motors;

– Advanced door drive;

– Improved machine vision system;

– VIP compartment: 4 seats (there were 6 seats), two leather VIP seats, two small folding seats (for staff), folding table, 32-inch TV, fridge, cup holders, stronger speakers;

– Double glazing;

Exits on both sides.

See the reportage. Enable subtitles in the language that suits you.

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Thank you for reading this article. Pawel.


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