Premieres and unforgettable events.

Introduction of advanced technology.

International presentations.

Implementation of new transport solutions.

Proof of the quality of international standards.

Dedication has a lot of attention to all elements of the system.

Openness to cooperation and readiness to familiarize all interested parties with technology.

Infinite variety of implementation options for string technologies: from Alma-Ata to San Marino.

Demonstration of opportunities and achievements in all parts of the world.

New possibilities for proven shapes.

Establishing business contacts with innovation leaders.

Improvement of infrastructure of regions.

Responsibility for the environment.

New horizons of unification and intensification of the country’s economic growth.

Partnership with key players, the priority is the Middle East.

Establishing friendship with diplomats and politicians around the world.

Public reporting and opportunities to get acquainted with technology for all: 45000 viewers at the EcoFestival in July 2018.

Corporate social responsibility: an electric vehicle for people with disabilities.

A comprehensive solution for industrial and raw materials companies.

Available transport systems ensuring agricultural development and communication with large areas.

Excellent premieres and unique characteristics.

Tracking and interest in all corners of our planet.

Achievements and recognition of merits towards all humanity.

Opening new construction horizons.

First passengers – the most important people: the Duke of Dubai and the Emir of Sharjah.

The world has noticed us to change it into a better one.

Our goal: linear cities and stringed transport systems around the world.

From SkyWay to All-Planetary Transport.

The Skyway information office has prepared ten slides from the most important events of 2018.

Skyway flag on kilimanjaro the highest point of Africa.

Targi Future Cities Show 2018 w Dubaju

Installation on the Skyway track superstructure, Unibus’s traction unit.

The unicar movement research on the string winding built for this purpose at EkoTechnoPark in Belarus begins.

Ritual dance of the hook. The performers were participants of the Eco Festival 2018

The research has started the double-sided unibody.

At InnoTrans 2018 for the first time a high-speed unibus was presented.

Construction site of SkyWay Innovation Center in Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates and official ribbon cutting.

Emir Sharjah, the prince of Dubai, is acquainted with SkyWay technology.

This is how Eco TechnoPark SkyWay in Belarus is covered with winter white down.

For sure you have many questions about the project, its technology, vision, the benefits of being part of this great plan to save humanity, carry the stringed SkyWay transport. For all these questions you will find answers in your own private office by logging in from this link.

If you are interested in obtaining passive income, you can do it by registering on the Skyway website and getting acquainted with the available share packages in the company. Here is my mail: [email protected] and a registration link.

You can find me on steem as coincollecto.

Thank you for reading my article.

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