The CJSC company dealing with Skyway projects at the InvaExpo 2018 exhibition presented a one-of-a-kind electric car for disabled people called Unimobil.

The vehicle gives you the opportunity to drive it while sitting in a wheelchair, which you can enter inside the car through a special rear door. Everything in the Unimobil is innovative, ranging from the length to the rear doors which are developed based on the needs of people who are not fully functional.

The car has been designed so that people who are not fully functional can enjoy an independent lifestyle. The Unimobil does not look like other cars because it needed to implement other solutions. An example is the rear flat door, which after opening is a ramp on which the wheelchair can enter the vehicle. The dimensions of the Unimobil allow him to park perpendicular to the pavement, which makes it easier and safer to get in or out of the vehicle.

Serial car production will meet all safety requirements and thus it will be possible to navigate the public roads.

Technical features that distinguish it from other wheelchairs or cars are:

Maximum speed – 100 km / h;

Range up to – 120 km;

Self-weight of the vehicle – 990 kg;

Charging the battery – from the home network;

Full charge time – 10 hours.

More information is available at the link below

The second interesting project that I would like to bring you is the skyway drone.The first curiosity is the Ka-26 helicopter for Skyway. Combo, because it is so called, is the largest drone in the world. The value of one drone helicopter is 5 miles. It can carry a load of 1500 kg for a distance of 500 km with a speed of 170 km / h. It will be used to build a string of roads in difficult conditions such as mountainous areas, swampy areas, rivers, lakes, tundra and jungles.

More information is available at the link.

Another interesting feature is the new prototype of an industrial stringed vehicle. It is designed for use in places with complex terrain, where there is not much space. Spacing of supports spaced from 2 to 3 km allows people to be transported between villages, rivers or lakes, limiting the costs and space needed to build the Skyway line.

Characteristics of the means of transport:

Speed: up to 150 km / hour

Number of passengers: 2 people

Load capacity: 150 kg

The transport capacity of the system: 7200 passengers / day in both directions

Energy consumption (at 150 km / h): 8.5 kWh

More information is available at the link.

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