See the video below. He shows that for Skyway there is no place on earth where he could not get there.No matter where you live, in Africa, Asia, Europe, America, Australia or Antarctica Skyway can get there.

The whole truth about Skyway technology, product and appearance under the link.

 It’s Worth Watching.

On the EcoFestival 2018 a prototype of a vehicle called Uniwinda was presented. It has been developed based on transporting string technology. Uniwinda is a monorail suspended cargo, which moves in urban areas and beyond on a bending track surface. This construction allows quick construction of light track lines in difficult and inaccessible places such as mountains, lakes, jungles and taiga. This construction allows you to connect any towns or villages with each other. Thanks to the incredible construction where the span of the spans is 2 to 3km, transport can take place over all rivers without the need to build bridges. Thanks to its modular design, Uniwind can be used for both passenger and freight transport. Uniwinda by equipping it with independent suspension, increasing the storage capacity of energy, minimum energy consumption, low cost of production achieves highly advanced technical parameters.

Possibilities of Uniwind

Speed: up to 150 km / hour

Number of passengers: 2 people

Load capacity: 150 k

The transport capacity of the system: 7200 passengers / day in both directions

Energy consumption (at 150 km / h): 8.5 kWh or 2.1 liters (converted to fuel) per 100 km of road.

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