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Construction of EkoTechnoPark, comprehensive tests of transport systems that were created in its area, and certification of a number of vehicle prototypes confirmed the efficiency of technology and the effectiveness of its engineering solutions.

Agreements reached at this stage indicate high demand for technology. Considering its ecological and social potential, demand will steadily increase in the coming decades, creating favorable conditions for exponential exploration of the transport services market.

The SkyWay company group made a breakthrough in the transport industry and gained the opportunity to move to a new stage of development, which requires a different approach to financing, just as innovative as the technology itself. In order to create a global system of green energy production and the environment-friendly transport and infrastructure network of TransNet, a group of companies decided to issue tokens.

SkyWay tokens will be released for free circulation at the same time as running your own blockchain platform. It is to serve as the basis for the data collection, management and analysis of information within the created global energy and transport network. The comprehensive development of the TransNet network will ensure the capitalization of tokens, and their holders will be able to benefit from projects implemented using SkyWay’s stringed transport technology.

As a token of recognition, at the first stage of introducing tokens into circulation, SkyWay offers the exclusive opportunity to purchase them with a maximum discount for its first investors, thanks to which there was a chance to develop technology and reach the current stage.

The advantage investors will gain by reinvesting shares in tokens, will be able to benefit from projects implemented on the basis of SkyWay technology, not only from the joint technology community, and thus, increase the profitability of the initial investment without additional investment. In addition, after the introduction of tokens for free circulation, they can be profitably sold on the free market, which is also the capitalization of investments in shares.

The possibility of selling shares for money will be available to the first 5,000,000 investors who have supported the SkyWay project since 2013. The group of companies expresses their gratitude to those who have supported technology at the very beginning of its development, when there was no EcoTechnoPark, no design offices, production and transport systems. Then the discount offered was even 1: 3500. Now you can get income from this investment, up to 35 times increasing your investment in technology.

To explain the mechanism of promotion, we will answer a few basic questions:

What are SkyWay tokens?

It is a modern investment tool based on blockchain technology. The project through the sale of tokens will be able to secure financing, and people who will act as investors through the purchase of tokens will be able to supplement their investment portfolio with additional promising assets. There are many examples of how tokens sold at bargain prices have repeatedly increased over time.

Who can exchange shares for tokens? Who can sell shares for money?

Only the first 50,000 investors will be able to use the opportunity to exchange shares for SkyWay tokens. In turn, the possibility of selling shares will be available only to 5,000 first SkyWay investors – in this way, the group of companies expresses their gratitude to those who have supported technology at the very beginning of its development.

What is the meaning of exchanging shares for tokens?

It is an opportunity to acquire a new investment tool. SkyWay Tokens will eventually be sold on the open market, and their value will grow with the company’s achievements.

What are the restrictions on the exchange and sale of shares?

The first 50,000 investors will be able to exchange 100,000 shares for tokens or refuse to participate in the promotion. The first 5,000 investors will have the opportunity to sell 100,000 shares for money. It should be noted that in case of refusal to participate in the promotion, the investor will not be able to change his decision.

How long will the promotion last?

The promotion will be valid for one month from the moment it is announced.

SkyWay Program For partners

Why is it worth to start cooperation with SkyWay Capital?

SkyWay Capital is an amazing partner program that can open a range of possibilities for you, among which you can mention:

enriching knowledge about investments and obtaining additional income;

increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their investments thanks to the excellent partner program of SkyWay Capital;

developing and expanding its partner network by means of flexible and loyal possibilities, the implementation of which is ensured by cooperation with SkyWay Capital.

The SkyWay Capital partner program offers:

a tried and true model of partnership cooperation;

easy entry into the program, honest marketing plan, allowing you to earn at every stage of cooperation;

rapid increase in income;

transparent and advantageous partnership relations and terms of cooperation;

specialized leader bonus (up to 20% from each investment in its structure);

a team of professional information managers;

complete solution of doubts and individual approach to each customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And finally, participation in the SkyWay Capital program is a great opportunity to become part of a huge innovative project without a counterpart in the entire global market!

And if anyone is interested in the shares of the SkyWay company, I invite you through the link below.

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