In the daily use of the platform we, the users, we realize some small details that only the constant use makes us notice. Things that, perhaps may not seem necessary but, if they were there, would make life a little easier.

This publication is to make a small suggestion to the developers of the platform of something that has caught my attention these days when I have started writing again. In the section of the Blog, where is the list of publications that each user has, there is one thing that I would put.

But I better explain it with images.

Normally, the Blog section looks like this.

But do you imagine what a difference it would be if the section of the Blog were seen in this other way?

Exactly, I personally lack the number of votes and what each publication has gained under the words “continue reading”. Every time I want to see how many votes a publication has or how many TRYBEs it has won, I have to open it and scroll until the end of it to see it. And honestly, once it does not bother you but if you have to do it with all the publications and you have more than four already it starts to bother a little.

And the truth is that the detail is not bad at all. Looks good!

I do not know if it has been mentioned before in some other publication but for me it is something that should be taken into account in the future developed by Trybe. Like it or not, the votes and economic retribution is a key point of the platform and would be great if you could see directly without the need to open any publication and scroll until the end of it. Thus, the author can know which publication he got what number of votes and how much he has won much, much faster and also avoids some clicks and waiting time.

It’s very simple but I think, as I say before, that it’s going to make life easier for more than one user here on Trybe. And what do you think?

It is worth adding these data in the Blog section?

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  1. Zeus69

    It is a great suggestion and I agree with you. Maybe the Devs will read and implement your suggestion, I know they are constantly improving TRYBE with the look and feel.
    Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Juanmi the Robot Post author

      I hope they do and I am sure they will. I also know about the constant improvment of the platform and the close contact the devs mantain with the users (Telegram, Discord and also here on Trybe), reason why I am sure the will.
      Thanks to you for the support.