An international study published noted by means of an in-depth analysis the number of deaths related to pollution increases upwards, making it rise from 4.2 million deaths per year (from previous estimates) to 8.9 million. The leap forward does not depend on a sudden increase in smog levels, but on the method used to count, which takes a more realistic picture of the situation.

MORE PRECISE DATA. “The big difference in numbers is the result of a statistical calculation built ad hoc to assess the impact of fine particles on mortality”, explains Francesco Forastiere, director of the epidemiology department of ASL Roma 1, and among the authors of the research. “Unlike what happened in the past, we could include the results of new studies conducted in highly polluted areas, such as certain areas of China. In addition, previous estimates considered only deaths related to ischemic diseases, stroke, lung cancer, respiratory infections and emphysema. However, today we know that pollution also favors other diseases (neurological diseases, diabetes, other types of tumors, etc.), which have therefore been included in the analysis ».

UNDERESTED CONSEQUENCES. “The effects of fine particles have long been undervalued. But the more the studies continue and the more we discover that the damages affect practically every district of the organism “, says Pier Mannuccio Mannucci, former scientific director of the Policlinico di Milano. “The research by Pnas certifies this toxicity, but if we had to take into account indoor pollution and deaths related to other substances present in the smog, such as ozone and nitrogen oxides, the figure would be even higher. The theme will be at the center of the two days on pollution, open to citizenship, which the Veronesi Foundation has organized in Terni at the end of the month ».

Worse than smoke  . With nearly nine million deaths a year, pollution is even more deadly than smoking, which causes “only” 6.3 million victims. But the impact of smog changes a lot from one region to another on the globe. Worst of all are China and India (with 2.4 and 2.2 million victims per year respectively), while Canada and the US together are just over 200,000 dead. Western Europe has 439,000, the eastern one 209,000 and Africa as a whole 691,000.

In my opinion the first fundamental method is the Hybrid cars are a technologically reliable and immediate solution to the need to reduce the smog in the city. For the architecture of traction, with electrically assisted acceleration, regenerative braking and start & stop, it is precisely in the city that the delta of fuel and emissions is greater.

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  1. Zeus69

    A journalistic approach to your article @Saifer, great write and well compiled article, a man with many talents. amazing how damage the human race does to themselves. Keep em coming my friend.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  2. Nicholas

    In Hungary, we have a very famous child-tale, with shocking philospohical depth.
    There is one important sentence (next to many others), what the weak, sick horse said to the master: “Dear Lord, get me out of town, for evolving”. And then the horse transmorph into a magical, strong stallion.

    They knew yearhundreds before now, the city-life is unhealthy.