So I decided to take advice from someone on Reddit and look into Telos and what I found was fascinating.

For me so far the EOS launch from the perspective of the consumer has been this amazing success. I find myself using it every single day for often fraction of a cent transactions with people around the world I have not and will not ever meet. It is captivating.

The EOS blockchain has given us a model for blockchain functionality that has potential to be studied for years to come and has given reason to believe that other similar projects could also succeed as well as much of the infrastructure necessary to run those projects.

The Telos project is one such extremely promising project whose model is just a fascinating way of utilizing some of the behaviors and infrastructure already put in place by EOS to create its own DPOS blockchain model which changes some things that EOS does and keeps parts of EOS and seems like it has really solid development as well.

Thousands of people are now used to trading RAM staking tokens lending tokens generating smart contracts programming smart contrasts and a whole new general set of behaviors that is unprecedented. Furthermore, many people have created this infrastructure of mining computers that can work as DPOS block producers and can support a DPOS blockchain. Telos already has a lot of them up and running a testnet which you can see at their website

Many people who have been block producers for EOS and are not selected will have a second option to ply their trade and more competition for block producer infrastructure will make for better blockchain development. For that reason alone I think Telos is worth exploring for anyone who has already enjoyed Eos. Thank you Telos for the abundance of your spirit and I wish you enormous success in this endeavor.

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