Yesterday I have discovered TRYBE and my first thought was “oh… another Steemit build on EOS”.

Having spent a considerable amount of time in Steemit, I know very well the problems of it.

Upvote bots, downvote wars, whales, spam content and many more…

I read the whitepaper of TRYBE and it seems that these people are also aware of these problems.

I decided to get in because I see TRYBE as a fresh starting medium that learned from the faults of Steemit.

I connected my Scatter account, all went well but the problem started when I tried to buy pre-sale tokens.

I got continious error message as below :


I joined the telegram group of TRYBE and I have found Johan that tried to help me with his best.

As we failed to solve problems with the conventional methods:

– Clear cache

-Hard reset

-Refresh data

it was obvious that this was an issue for the devs.

I also contacted Tom Norwood on the issue and I would like to thank him for his interest. ( It is impossible to reach Ned in Steemit )


Having studied a little bit on eos.js, I know that Eos.js, when trying to connect scatter looks for /active account by default.

If you connect your /owner account to Trybe wallet, it will show your balance but you will be unable to buy pre-sale or stake with your account.

What you have to do is, change your connected scatter account to /active and you will have no more problem.

 And don’t be like me…always use your /active account 🙂


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  1. EOSmastering

    Good good. Yes, everyone needs active keys these days, as you wont be able to make actions with owners key. Only connect Scatter with active key (owner key is only for changing the active key if the unfortunate event of a hack should happen on your account)

  2. Cornel

    First off, let me welcome you to the Trybe community, every single one counts.

    I also am on Steemit for the last year and a half already and know the hurdle of monetizing your content over there. Trybe is the new heaven for writers and in general, BlockChain social medias is definitely one of the most lucrative places to be in at this moment in time — it gives you short and long term value.