Digital currency is really hypnotizing the world if in the past there were many people who rejected the presence of digital currency as a trading tool, but now become the most advanced person in voicing cryptocurrency digital money, “hating too quickly without seeing the impact and effect on the global economy “.

The presence of digital currency in the form of cryptocurrency is very feared by most developing countries, which is a problem even though they prohibit in various ways to the presence of digital currencies, but the currency continues to be born and develop, so now many countries begin to succumb to the presence of currencies digital. Indirectly digital currencies can minimize the occurrence of corruption because the system built by Cryptocurrency experts is very open, everyone can know the flow of transactions is very different from the physical currency of each country.

In the world of cryptocurrency, everything is very easy for now, hopefully, this is not just a strategy when it requires a lot of community support to be accepted in the real world, because the presence of digital currencies really has a tremendous impact on society at large.

Digital currency really has had a tremendous impact, so it is almost impossible to stop the circulation in all countries on this earth. In my view, some countries that have begun to accept the presence of digital currencies are intelligent countries, because no matter how hard they try not to accept the presence of digital currencies, they will continue to circulate in their countries either secretly or directly, many ways that can be done by the owner of a digital currency to exchange it for physical currency.

It’s just that if a country has received a digital currency, then we are digital currency connoisseurs getting ready with tax deductions that increase in accordance with the provisions of each country, but even so we will also get more benefits compared to now, including being able to transact official in all forms of needs with digital currencies.

So, what do you think …? Is the legality of the State will facilitate us in the world of cryptocurrency or vice versa because both of them have a risk for us to live which is less risk than both.

Hopefully, this article can be useful for all friends because the purpose of this writing is to share. This is my own article that I translated from Indonesian into English.

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Regards: @safwaninisam

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  1. Zeus69

    Thanks for the article, I believe personally that mass adoption of crypto world wide will help poor countries out of poverty and alleviate starvation. Most of the governments in those poor countries are stealing from the poor and not helping them.
    Mark (zeus69)