The best way to interact with EOS ecosystem is to use your EOS account through Scatter. The app should be downloaded and installed from here:

after installation, you have to import your private key to scatter and that’s more or less it.

With Scatter in place you can start exploring EOS ecosystem…

I. Assuming you have the scatter installed already you can use it to log in to

This toolkit provides basic features of a wallet, plus voting, plus air-grabbing some airdrops, plus staking some of them tokens like Karma or Horus for profit (those two do provide some passive income stream).

II. Here is DEX on EOS (decentralized exchange) where most of them eos dropped tokens are actually listed against EOS. You trade after log in with Scatter directly from your wallet.

III. Another DEX is here: more or less the same as the one above. I don’t use it because it doesn’t work to well with my browser and is not as liquid as the previous one.

IV. And another one where you can actually rent your eos for profit (mind you, very small one) Works with scatter, but interest rates are quite (considering crypto-standards) low.

V. If you got EDNA airdrop then you can stake those tokens for profit here:

VI. This one I don’t recommend 😛 It’s casino on EOS so you can gamble your holdings  (they accept EOS and few other tokens) and lose them!!! But they have their own token which can be staked for profit. This is actually quite profitable and may provide reasonable stream of passive income because the site is quite busy and generates steady cash or rather token-flow.

VII. Simple block explorer is here:

VIII. Ah, there is also Also works with Scatter – worth checking if you got their own IQ token airdrop, but (very?) complicated to use in my opinion.

IX. If you got EOSDAC tokens airdropped to your EOS account then don’t forget to register as DAC member here: Also Scatter is necessary to interact with this site.

X. Not an exchange per se but here you can trade EOS and some EOS tokens directly so let’s say that you can swap KARMA for HORUS without going through EOS. Works with ETH tokens too.

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