Finally back, there is no right reaction to explain the relief and glad many gamers are fans of the fighting genre for the existence of Soul Calibur VI. Bandai Namco finally gave the franchise the opportunity to make the sword battle as its main identity to come back to life after another three-dimensional fighting game series – Tekken 7 achieved success. What’s cool again? Instead of bringing the story further from the previous series, they decided to explore the story of the first two Soul Calibur series, but now with a deeper approach. The result? The opportunity to restore old roster-roster with their iconic design while offering a new roster with a proposition as a character who has been playing behind the scenes. The result? Awesome!

First impression

After years of never feeling the roar of the Soul Calibur sword, this sixth series became a series that executed many elements correctly. Visually, with the implementation of Unreal Engine 4, he looked stunning. A variety of attack effects are now strengthened by better particle effects, sharper details and texture of the character, the effect of depth of field when fighting which creates a cinematic sensation, to the effect of clothing destruction which makes some attacks so destructive. Everything is wrapped with a roster selection which, although in quantity feels a little, but in quality, brings out almost all the favorite iconic characters of gamers with their unique attack animation. This is a new series that is ready to pamper the franchise’s loyal gamers and newcomers who want to try it for the first time via Soul Calibur VI.

With a combination of horizontal, vertical and kick strikes that are likely to be unfamiliar with veteran gamers, Soul Calibur VI also encourages the strategy side to get a profit when fighting with the opportunity to do side-step or counter-attack if needed. Of course, there are new mechanics that you deserve to anticipate. There is Soul Charge – which uses 1 Power bar to be activated and will bring characters in both forms which not only provide extra power from the side of damage, but also a more deadly new attack animation. The second is Reversal Edge that you can execute with one simple button. Working like a paper-scissors system, the button you choose will determine who wins and loses in the form of dramatic slow motion.

While from the side of the story, you will be dealing with at least two modes – Libra of Souls and Chronicles of Souls. Libra of Souls will ask you to act as your own concoction character (which we also load in our screenshot below) in an adventure style RPG game. Challenging and filled with his own progression system, he presents a unique sensation. While for Chronicles of Souls, you will play one main story that takes the settings of Soul Calibur I & II and then has the opportunity to enjoy the same timeline from the perspective of all available rosters. Take it easy, even Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher also has his own story.

We have actually completed a number of important game modes and have gained an almost full experience with Soul Calibur VI itself. But it’s a shame not to inject the preview article before the review article we throw tomorrow, solely to show you what visual enhancements, story presentations, and female character designs are increasingly pampering the eyes. The battle begins!


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