Emanate is very good stuff and ground breaking news for the musical middle class. Never heard of it so far? We’ll get to it later more in detail. But to put emanate in a nutshell it’s “EOS for music”! To spread the awareness and to boost the success of not only emanate, the whole EOS eco system and the blockchain technology in general I would really love to see artists with an already big audience joining emanate and making their music available there. My personal taste of music is really widely diversified. Recently I’m more into electronic music, but I’m never stuck to a special genre. Think good music is something you feel and which even more makes you feel. Good music just makes me feel good!

Here are some of my favorite artists regarding “special” music which I would really love to see joining the emanate music movement on EOS:


These guys (+ girl 😉 ) are really amazing! They create all of their music without any help of instruments or any digital musical reediting. Which is not only pretty rare these days but gives also a special “clean” touch to their music. Also they are very good at compilating different songs into one set, skipping through just some special part of the song. If you already like this one have a look at some of their other stuff on their Youtube channel.

Lindsey Stirling

When I first heard of this girl I saw this video on Youtube someday when it was like under one million clicks. Ever since she’s really been very successful. I like the combination of her violin skills together with nice chilling dub step sounds. I also think her positive attitude affects a lot the positive vibes she’s sending out with her special unique sound of this violin and electronic sound pair.

Israel “IZ”

Of course actually hew on’t be able to join emanate himself since he has gone apart from this world. It’s still sad to witness such a good singer disappearing. Nevertheless his music will probably known for long after him! Definitely also a very special unique song for me. It’s also an example of good music which is already there and could be used there also (if the ones who are in charge about the rights are willing to …).

Now let’s get into emanate more detailed! If you are a musician yourself or just like listening to music and ask yourself “What is emanate?” & “How can I benefit from it?“, Well here are your answers 🙂

1. Emanate will make it possible for you to just deliver your music directly to an existing audience.

2. You will get rewards if someone listens to your music! There are also possibilities to earn when some reuses your music, like doing a remix of it.

3. The emanate project is on the blockchain. Actually on the EOS network, which is currently one of the most technological advanced solutions in the blockchain space. This makes life easier regarding much stuff which had to be done with very much effort in the past! Without going into many details you can easily say and lots of people who are in the business would probably agree to that the music industry can improve a lot by getting rid of more or less useless or expensive “middlemen”. Maybe you’re on some points depending on lots of these people, because of contracts or similar conditions. With emanate there’re new opportunities and possibilities for less middleman. Also, you have the ability to not only earn fairer but also have a more transparent view of where you are earning how much because people like your stuff.

Source: https://emanate.live/

Looking at their roadmap you can see that it’s still pretty early days for this project. However, they are nevertheless sound very promising with what they have already been able to get done. And also what’s all coming in the future.

Have a look at this video where the status of the current emanate development can be comprehended very good to get a feel how you can either benefit as a listener or also as a musician yourself!

Also, have a look at their website at for example the FAQ section to get a good sense of what emanate is really about in detail https://emanate.live/#!/faq


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  1. Miguel A. Cabanes

    You probably won’t believe that Lindsey Stirling always makes me cry with the notes of her violin. Maybe you would like to watch the Lindsey Stirling feat John Legend, “All of me” song.
    Talking about Emanate, I’m following them since their first steps; no doubt that they’re gonna conquer a great part of the new and future industry that has to be improved.
    Oh, and so grateful by their airdrop!

    1. Infosion Post author

      Thanks for your nice feedback and the suggestion, think I don’t know this one yet!
      Yes, I also am really impressed how far they are and what the vision for the future is. There’s also a great demand for this and a perfect use for blockchain technology to compensate some of todays most important problems of the music industry. Very excited to watch the further developement

    1. Infosion Post author

      Definitely a very good thing for the music industry. I’m also impressed with how far they are with what they’ve already done in their prototypes. I’m NEUGIERIG to see how the real platform will work and look like when it’s ready to use. I think it’s really not said too much right now that what TRYBE is for content and WORBLI for the financial district is Emanate for Music – related to EOS..!
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Zawodowiec

    Super project, good for us that is based on EOS blockchain. You definitely need a project like that. What to do to make music like you, I do not know the genre of music. Just when I listen to it, the heart rejoices. I like this music.

  3. Zawodowiec

    Super projekt, dobrze dla nas że oparty o blockchain EOS. Na pewno potrzebny jest taki projekt. Co zrobić muzyki, aby tak jak ty, nie mam znaćnego gatunku muzyki. P Po prostu jak jej słucham serce się raduje. Taka muzyka mi się podoba.