We here at the Trybal counsel have been working dilligently behind the scenes to make Trybe a better platform for YOU, our fellow Trybe members and casual internet browsers.  But the true question is how fast is fast enough?  

Websites don’t load all at once.  That would be ridiculous and a waste of time.  Instead, they load piece by piece (Or like back in the dark ages of the web, slice by slice.  You Photoshop web designers know what I’m talking about!)  You’ll see SEO blogs saying things like, “ZOMG, this site loads in 0.2 seconds flat, you need to set your sights on that goal!”  What they don’t say is that it’s a website that quite frankly, wouldn’t hold the attention of a cocaine addled monkey.  It’s probably all text with maybe one picture that’s like 100X100.  Of course it’s going to be fast. 

Right now the average load time of a properly optimized website is between 1.5 and 3 seconds.  A study has found that if a mobile page doesn’t load by 3 seconds, your audience has moved on.  In any website, your TTFB (Time To First Byte) needs to be under 2 seconds.  

Now I know what you’re thinking here, “But Nick, I want to make my site content rich and also be blazing fast! There’s no way I can do that in under a second!”  Lets go back to what I was talking about in the above paragraph.  “…if a mobile page doesn’t load by 3 seconds”  That my friends is usually the time the user sees some sort of content.  Now it shouldn’t be the entire site, however, it shouldn’t just be the company logo and/or the first paragraph.

Always remember the holy trinity: Optimize, Minify, and Cache-ify.  

1.) Optimize: Make SURE your pictures aren’t colossally huge, use a program or plugin if you’re on wordpress that optimizes your media.  SMUSH IT, EWWW, and CRUSH.ME are a few examples of how to optimize your pictures for the web.  If you are making your own picture, Photoshop and GIMP have an option to “Save for Web” which has various presets for optimization built right in!

2.) Minify: This script:

var array = [];

for (var i = 0; i < 20; i++) {

array[i] = i;


Is the same but just hella longer than: 

for(var a=[i=0];++i<20;a[i]=i);

So that means your computer and browser on an un-minified site has to read 6 lines instead of the one sweet minified one.  

3.) Cache: Caching saves lives (Well server based lives that is.) If I were to ask you what 10 X 1 is, you’d say 10.  Why? Because it’s pretty much embedded in your memories for easy retreival. So instead of doing the math, you can just pick that answer out of thin air and be the smartest kid on the block.

Computers do that as well.  Your web browser knows that when you visit that the Trybe logo goes on the top left and looks like what’s there, the Notification icon looks the same, The search icon looks the same, etc.  So because it has a copy of that data in the cache, it can pull it up faster.  Web servers do something similar, except their caches are a little more intelligent.  They know what the most common features are on the website and hold that page together so when it’s time to call that page up, it doesn’t have to do a whole lot of disk reads to accomplish it.  It knows that the pictures, some of the wording, and the programming will be very similar and has it right there for you.  Anything else, and it has to devote time to look it up.  

So this, in a nutshell, is how you make your website fast.  I look forward to working with you, the esteemed members of the Trybe, and seeing how you will make this site grow, inform, and have fun whilst doing it.  Thanks!

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  1. Zeus69

    Thanks Nick, appreciate the post, and helps me to understand more about the tech side of TRYBE.
    One question, is it possible that the Chats are slowing the site down slightly, I noted that since this addition it has become a bit sluggish, is this possible or am I seeing too much after a whiskey or 2? 🙂
    Thanks and great to see the hard work going into the site.
    Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Nick Cappello Post author

      I’m actually in the process of looking into that this week Zeus. The challenge is to find a suitable replacement that does the same thing without the interference. Thanks for being a member of the site and letting me know about any issues that may pop up while we build a more rock solid version of Trybe.

      1. Zeus69

        Stupid suggestion, I suppose, but what if chats was just another feature tab on the top bar like notifications and bookmarks, and the number of available messages pops up and the user can activate the chat when required?
        Mark (Zeus69)