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This is how the Skyway transport infrastructure will look like in the future.

The latest news from the Skyway future transport world.

At the InnoTrans fair in Berlin, where the 500-km-high, first-prototype industrial high-speed Skyway unibub was demonstrated to be successful, it was a success …

One of the most ambitious directions of technology development is the high-speed Skyway. Driving at a height of several meters above the ground, safely and comfortably as if you were sitting in your own salon in the Trybe one chair while driving at a speed of 500 km / h. Transport of the future Skyway differs from the transport as we know it is faster, safer (there is no possibility of colliding with any object while driving). It is cheaper, comfortable and its external and internal appearance is modern.

In addition, construction of a test section in the United Arab Emirates starts, where two technology zones will be built. On the area of ​​50 hectares, test lines for vehicles exceeding 500 km / h will be built.

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InnoTrans Berlin is the largest exhibition of world technological premieres.

About one hundred and thirty premiere projects are expected in the area of ​​transport technology. They will present their ideas for a better, faster, safer, more economical and environmentally friendly way of traveling on Earth and in space. The exhibition will include trains, wagons, hybrid locomotives, tunnel projects, traction lines and many other projects depicting ground, underground and ground transport. SkyWay this year will be presenting at the InnTrans trade fair in Berlin prototypes of a high-speed unibus vehicle and eighteen-person unicar, which are classifed as innovative solutions for string transport. At the previous fair, SkyWay presented a vision of the future in Mobility Vision Lab, where there were projects such as Hyperloop, Moon and NEXT.

SkyWay primarily focuses on the construction of environmentally friendly transport using renewable energy sources. SkyWay electric vehicles protect the environment and save energy thanks to the excellent aerodynamic properties, efficient engines and the set (wheels and steel rails). It also outperforms such alternatives as tires or magnetic levitation.

I personally invested in Skyway because it is not a visionary promise. Only a few achieve a goal like Anatoly Yunitskiy who has realized his vision of transporting the future.

This is my opinion about Skyway. Please do not treat this post as investment advice. Each of you has to decide for himself whether to stock up on Skyway. Remember if you decide not to invest more than you can lose because each investment is risky.

You can register at the above link, it costs nothing and does not oblige, but there you can more accurately assess the value of your company on your profile.

A certificate for 7,800 Skyway shares can be purchased for just $ 250 in installments of $ 25 a month.


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