If big money comes to the crypto world, they will come only to the best projects: cryptobirds, payment and other services, to websites for freelancing and job search, to the internet tools and, of course, to the crypto social networks.

Big money does not need 500 exchanges or 300 social networks, they will come only to take the best and destroy everything else. Perhaps this forecast is a little pessimistic, but it seems to me real. All other projects will simply disappear along with the clients’ money.

Here is a long introduction to the review of the project Sphere. Why? Because it seems to me that this crypto social network will remain among the best. Today there is everything: the system of user remuneration for activity, and the system of supervision, and even its own SAT coin, which is already traded on the exchange.

The functionality of the project is different from Steemit-like or Sapien-like, but it is also quite interesting. And quite possibly some more similar sites will appear soon.

There is a partner program in this project, but it works with the help of the invitation module. However, if you register via this link https://sphere.social/hello/-borishaifa, you will most likely be able to add my account to your contacts.

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