I think it’s right to dedicate a post to this category after my experience yesterday, thanks to a “Spiritual” session, a journey that you should try all for once, I was very skeptical but I had to change my mind ..

It all started from annoying but bearable pains behind the back focused on the left side, maybe it’s the way I drive the car I thought because almost always showed up when I was in the car.After weeks the pain started to show up even when stopped, in feet above all; the blows were starting to get stronger and more frequent … but my tolerance level was overcome after working in night shift … during the return home over my back a strong sense of oppression on my chest forced to stop and get out of the car! Fortunately, the distance from work to home is 18 KM, not many were missing! Arrived home at 6:30 AM awake my partner urgently asking to take me to the hospital, now I could no longer breathe and anxiety increased more and more!

Arrived at the hospital I am subjected to many tests with positive results, but the pain for them was simply a cold blow! I knew it was not so, 5 hours in the hospital to be told that they were simple intercostal pain … after days of painkillers and pills I noticed that the pain did not diminish at all! A continuous lament … my salvation could only be rest and lie down waiting for the X-ray reservation! The call arrives telling me that the availability will be for January 25th then another 15 days of nightmare ..

Mothers, however, as always, love taking care of their children even at a distance and so mail has arrived a gift bag containing a session of Naturopathy and energy techniques .. I expect more a session with massage but my mother has insisted in try it and so I thought: worth a try!


I must admit that it was truly a discovery … I would also call it a mystical journey;A very dear woman made me feel immediately at home, I think we talked for at least 2 hours where together with a hot cup of tea I trusted with her as if I had known her for a lifetime … then came the moment when he asks me to lie down and close my eyes because he started his work “energetic” … if you have not understood I’m talking about Pranoterapy, he started with his hands about 1 cm away from the point of my back to issue and believe me that I do not tell lies a warmth, I perceived in the arm something that fed all my left side .. told you that it could last from 5 to 40 minutes to finish .. with me it took me 10 minutes to “heal” everything ..


Concluding that the left side of our body is to indicate the desire, our creativity that had been suffocated by me .. and I must admit that it is a while that I do not paint, about a year and I feel from all this perhaps unconsciously .. obviously he specified that with his healing technique I do not heal 100% but it could be very effective! I thought it was really a fanciful thing but I have to change my mind I really felt something that crossed my back, arm and hand ..and that you believe or not since yesterday the pain is almost gone I can not believe it yet but it is so .. I discovered the Chakras in more detail and that are our energy centers not only physical but also psychic .. it would be nice to tell you all but I would take so long and then I conclude by saying that we are made of energy we emit energy and that what we see is not always all that exists.

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  1. Cornel

    I have a pain in my Left Arm’s bicep for almost a year now and can’t figure it out. I had to renounce to my beloved sport Volleyball because of that.

    I really need to heal it as soon as possible!!!

  2. Julia Williams

    Finally dear friend you find some relax and anxiety is not a matter of concern now, take care of yourself and regularly get that healing therapy and enjoy your life don’t do so much overtime and take care of your health and happiness because you are the most important and precious for yourself, if you will be healthy and fit everything is yours, so take care dear friend and thanks you your Mom who gets a solution and yes I can say Mom has solutions of all the problems of the world, believe that.

    With love and respect ✊

  3. Zeus69

    Thats an incredible story, maybe I should try it, I have so many physical pains, maybe from emotional impacts. Thanks for sharing bud. I will post this forward.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  4. Infosion

    Excellent, I’m very happy to hear that you pain has gone!
    Really nice story, telling your experience about this. From my experiences I can also agree much upon that there’s very much we don’t see but is actually there.
    If you’re open to this maybe “healing frequencies” are also a good help for you in general. You don’t need to have problems to feel better by using them. But if you have some problems with your body this can help some people too. Just google or search on youtube for “432Hz Healing Energy”. there are more others with different intentions of “special problem solving”, but think this is one of the most important one for everyone. Actually I’m planning doing some article on this, will just take some time 😉
    Nice sharing this, thank you very much!

  5. Nicholas

    I made one of my diplomas of the effects of generated electromagnetic field on living organs. There was some really, really weird results, and that was a proof for me, we know about biology a lot, but definitely not the all, what can know.