I followed with great interest the Game Developers Conference 2019 live on YouTube where the new Google streaming service that will be called Stadia was presented.

Imagine being able to play the same game on Smartphone, Tablet and Smart TV switching from one device to the other without any problems, you have an “urgent need” but want to finish the scheme to which you were playing on your TV? No problem, change devices, go where you need and keep playing from the same point of the game, you just need to have Chrome installed on both devices! Also during the conference it was specified that you will not necessarily need to buy the Google Joypad, the Stadia Controller, that you see in the picture on the top left, but you can play with those you already own or with your computer mouse and keyboard. With their joypad, however, you will have real-time assistance, if for example you are stuck in a specific scheme and cannot figure out what to do, you will not have to go to YouTube to see some tutorials, just press the appropriate button and you will be given instructions immediately, the service will be doing the “dirty” job” in your place. With the share button you can directly broadcast your games on YouTube, you can also interact with players who are live broadcasting their gameplay and join them to challenge or join them with Crowd Play. The creators of YouTube content and their viewers will be “joined”, watching a video you can automatically start the game in maximum 5 seconds. While you are watching the video of a Youtuber you can switch to playing in first person just using your controller.

A streaming service, the evolution of Project Stream, they have set up a servers network in more than 200 countries around the world that will allow them to play in 4K at 60 frames per second, but in the future they expect to reach 8K. No console, download or patch, the world of video games as you’ve seen it so far will be completely revolutionized. Big news also for developers, Google joined AMD giving them the power of a 10.7 Teraflops GPU, supporting Unreal Engine, Unity and Havoc, with the possibility of developing directly in the cloud.

A final news is the State Share, in which will be possible to share a moment of play, such as our position, the enemies you have around and the physical status of our avatar, being able to “deliver” all of that to other players and allow them to start playing in our identical condition to find out how they would have acted in our place.

The release is scheduled for this year in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and most part of Europe, they said they had tested the service for years, this summer will be followed by further updates, still nothing about the price or about the required connection specifications. But there are those who have already unbalanced themselves by assuming a price list similar to that of Netflix and about 15 Gigabytes regarding the connection.

So let’s stay tuned because we will probably see some really good things, the competition will surely have been followed with extreme alert to this event and if everything goes the right way, they will have to prepare to compete with all these revolutionary innovations.

If your are interested you can watch the entire conference on the official Stadia YouTube Channel, here it is!

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