I like the idea that you are now able to stake some of the EOS dapp coins now, and get rewards (like Horuspay and Karma). See I heard rumours that we are going to be able to do the same thing with EOS (can anyone confirm this?). Many of my holdings are sitting idle in my wallet. That may change in the future, but for now, I would rather put my (especially longer term) funds to work earning something if I can. When they do go up, it will be even better.

Staking pools

I looked into a few things – like staking pools (similar to POW mining pools) which allow you to invest without having to stake a really large amount to be a masternode. Some example of these pools are;,, and others. Apparently you can make some money on a few of these coins, but most of them are pretty obscure, and I don’t want to have to own and hold them for no reason other than staking. There is also an interesting staking pool for Etherium called, but the eth project is still using proof of work for now. In the mean time I found what appears to be the best option …

Cobo Wallet with support for major POS coins

I found a really interesting alternative called Cobo wallet. This multi-coin/secure wallet is very useful for holding many coins, and you can also stake Vechain, Ontology, LBTC, Dash, Zcoin,  and Tron (future) at pretty good rates, paid quite frequently (weekly and in some cases daily). There are also a lot of other interesting wallet features, such as cloud (needed for POS earnings) and hardware versions (manage your own keys), eth dapp support, no transaction fees to/from other Cobo wallet users, EOS and tron voting (future), fingerprint verification support, and other security features. The cloud wallet is stored at a cold storage custodian, and is supposed to be subject to audit. The authors are the same people behind the F2pool POW mining system, which is based in China. I checked out their reputation on various social meda sites, and couldn’t find anything bad. This project could be a game changer and I would really like to hear what other people think.


One thing that concerned me is that the latest version triggered a malware alert from my anti-virus program, which I am trying to investigate. I believe that it is a false alarm, but I would like to confirm this if anyone knows. I sent a message to tech support and waiting for a reply. I am planning to test the system out, and compare to the rates that I am getting on Celsius (see my previous post on earning interest from cryptos).

UPDATE Sept 26 2018 – the malware alter has been fixed, as soon as I reported it to tech support. 

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