I have had EOS coins for quite a while now, but I confess that I’ve left them on the exchange where I bought them. That’s not my normal MO. I actually only have 2 other coins left on exchange, BNB, which is used to pay fees, and another coin I’m waiting to sell that’s in a limit order.

Why the exception for EOS? 

Well when I first bought it the ICO was still going on, and as an American who is not an accredited investor, I simply could not get past the filters on the site that blocked me from even reaching the page to register a wallet address. With the swap quickly approaching and knowing it was supported on Binance, I decided to just leave the coins there.

I had been content to keep doing that, because I seem to still get airdropped coins in my Binance account. But then joining here yesterday and seeing there is reason to have my own EOS wallet, I’m trying to do that.

So now I’m just trying to figure out which one to use. I’m not a technical person, so there need to be nothing like command line prompts involved, LOL.

I have a ledger device and know they support Fairy Wallet, including providing a link to a github page. But now I’m also hearing about EOS wallets like Greymass (which seems to also have voting) and Scatter (which works in the browser).

I’m guessing they all support airdrops equally, but do they?

What EOS wallet do you use? (And are you more technical or needing a good GUI?)

Thanks in advance for what you can share. I’d like to get this sorted and set up today. Even if I didn’t need to link to my own wallet on here, it really is just good practice not to leave one’s coins on exchanges.

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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    Hi Indigo, as you note leaving your crypto on exchanges (beyond limit orders) is not ideal. As for EOS, you have lots of options. I use my Nano Ledger to store my private keys for EOS. Since the wallets just act as an interface, you will be able to access all your airdrops regardless of the wallet you choose. I use both the Fairy Wallet and the Scatter Desktop application. I like the Scatter application the best. For help setting it up this video is good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT1ecSIvDx8

    I would definitely buy another account and set this up first in case you make a mistake (worth the few dollars). It’s also great to have two accounts to move tokens around and to stake coins etc.
    You can use this link (though I haven’t used it myself)

    Or you can purchase another account through one of the mobile wallets like Meet.One or Lynx or by using https://eostoolkit.io/account/create (attached to scatter).

    To stay up to date on all your airdrop balances you can use one of the block explorers https://eosflare.io/ (just input your account name)

    To receive an email notification whenever you receive an airdrop you can use https://eosauthority.com/alerts This will also add a layer of security as you will be notified whenever there’s a transaction on the monitored account.

    EOS is a bit daunting and definitely requires a lot of reading and Google searches to stay on top of! Trybe is a great place to bone on EOS though.

    Great Trybe article here by @eosmastering to get you started.

    Still learning all the time myself.

    1. Indigo Ocean Post author

      Wow, that’s so incredibly helpful! Thank you so much. Yes, EOS is one of the more demanding coins, but that’s probably because the tech is cutting edge, still in development, and invites a lot of participation from token holders. Thanks again for all the info.

  2. Paul Oluwanisola

    Great article! I am also starting to get familiar to eos and it’s related stuff, didn’t even know I had to pay to set up a wallet plus it such a daunting task. I was wondering why the need for all the hassle but I came to the conclusion of fighting spam after knowing @dan was the founder of both steemit and eos. I hope to see trybe succeed, it seem like a good place to be and the UI is also very good.

  3. sandwichbill

    Yes, at first EOS would have a ferret scratching its head. EOSlynx is a good wallet to get started. Have you joined the Trybe discord channel yet? There’s lots of help available from people over there, if you want it.