Where to begin. There’s a few things I want to cover today – but first let’s take a look at some stats.

Top 10 Dapps EOS

Users 24h: 25,000

Volume 24h: 8,3m EOS – 46,6M USD 

Compared to ETH

Users 24h: 4797

Volume 24h: 4597 ETH – 956,176 USD 

This is simply staggering numbers. EOS dapp volume is almost 50 times higher than ETH, and the number of users are 5 times higher. Yet the market cap of Ethereum is 4 times higher. So what’s it going to be? ETH valued at 4,2M USD mcap or EOS valued at 200B mcap, twice that of Bitcoin right now? Partly joking, because you cant value something in such a simplistic way, but something is definitely skewed here and one of the two is not correctly valued. It might be that ETH is overvalued because people are expecting big things to come, whereas EOS is more correctly valued because yes it had a very high valuation before mainnet, but it actually delivered on the promises (and more IMO). So don’t take this analysis too seriously, but it’s worth thinking about. And the numbers are facts and they speak a whole lot of truth.

Thanks to EOSTitan

Here you can see the hourly actions past 7 days.


As well as hourly transactions, CPU usage and Network Usage past 7 days.


Transactions are ten times as high as ETH, at 0,42% capacity. I see that WAX has passed us, but I wouldnt worry too much. I’ve tried to inquire about it, but I don’t find much. It’s a 100m mcap blockchain allegedly based on EOS (forked?) and according to their site they have traded items worth 2,1M USD the past 24h. I looked at what they are supposedly trading it seems to be mostly stickers and stuff. So my guess is stress-testing and not real transactions. But I could be wrong! Please prove me wrong and I will change it. Marketplaces like that will however be huge, so not a bad project. Not fudding it. But I doubt it has more real transactions than EOS.


This is of course the main thing everyone cares about now. The first real utility for crypto currencies beyond peer to peer transactions of digital money is decentralised gambling – making use of smart contracts, reducing risk for the player as well as reducing house edge. Not only that, but they have invented a clever way of mining tokens and everyone can stake their tokens and get some nice dividends from other players when they gamble.

Yesterday POKER went up as high as 0.650 – it even made a short trip to 0,890, almost 1:1 with EOS. Poker pays out incredible dividends every day, and is the first BJ site on EOS. The UI is a little bad, but the team has proven to be serious and they are working on a new UI as well as pvp token (texas holdem type) within a few months.

This is a screenshot from their Telegram. I think it looks good.

 Another incredible piece of news that came out was this from BETDICE:

First they announce that they will be listed on CoinTiger and BitForex. It doesnt sound like much, but with these listings they might actually be listed on Coinmarketcap. But, they write that they also are in communication with one of the largest exchanges. 

But they have even bigger news – They are adding KARMA and POKER to their platform, so you will be able to play any of their games betting with these tokens. That is huge news – even for POKER. 

The UI will be changed for Betdice as well, and they are advertising on Google to attract more users. AND they are releasing BlackJack and SicBO by the end of November, and in Dec-Jan we can expect Slots, Millions, Texas Hold-em, Five card stud and Roulette. 


These guys rock. And don’t worry, there is plenty of room for growth and competition if you hold other tokens as well. The gambling industry is a 50B USD industry and right now at perhaps a combined 100-150m mcap for EOS based gambling tokens we are around 0,2%, or perhaps more likely 0,1%  of the market. If we take 2% that means a 10-20x growth. That is VERY likely this year in my not investing advice opinion. And a 20% market share within 2-4 years which is a 100-200x growth. I think that is quite conservative. And that is not counting your dividend payouts.

I would also like to mention that Endless (ET) added their endless millions yesterday which is going fairly allright. Big.game added Poker wars. Not my cup of tea, but it is a good competitive move.

Another one that has been flying is EOSjacks with a daily vol of almost 4M EOS. But some well known whales has been gambling and that could be the reason for the very high volume. It has been payout out great dividends these past 3-4 days its been up, so lets see if that continues.

Then we have the “next generation” of EOS bet games, which is the “crash” games.  EOScrash and Fastwin seems to be the two big ones, both having pre sales. The crash games are quite fun and addicting, so be careful. With some luck you can turn 1 EOS into 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x or even 1000x. Or you can lose it.


A quick update on prospectors. For those who don’t know, this game has been in the making for quite some time and did recently mitigate from ETH to EOS. They just announced 500 open seats for beta testing. This game sounds like it will be the next generation of crypto games.


And that’s it I think. Never a boring day in EOS. I almost forgot to mention what was happening outside of EOS, but I am not that interested anymore. EOS is actually down quite a bit, almost 4% today so that could be a good buy. Looking at Bitcoin It looks like we are in a slow uptrend and that it is in no hurry to break out either way until next year. Some action Jan/feb 2019?

Thanks guys. Leave a comment or even a upvote if you enjoyed it or found it useful or both.

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    1. EOSmastering Post author

      First..gambling and betting is in the human nature, so it is useful in a way. People love to take risk, some more than others. And it is a huge 80B dollar industry. After /simultaniously gambling I suspect we will see the gaming industry start to utilise crypto/EOS. Digital ownership and feeless transfers of items, digital land etc will be huge. We are in at the very beginning now. We’re just going to see a LOT of young(er) (and some old) people become very rich at this, and most people even in their 30s and 40s wont understand what or why these youngsters are doing and why they drive lambos. What do you do? I mine gold in a strategic mmorpg game on EOS and I buy land and I stake the tokens and earn dividends/rent and thats one of my passive incomes. People are not anywhere near realising how close we are to this. People dont even realise the concept exists. And then we there is supply chains and these more heavy things..perhaps you can co-own a robot and get dividends..I dont know 😀 Who knows! Thats why it’s so amazing to follow this from the front row. Who knows what is next? Gambling was like “Doh!..OF COURSE! Why didnt I think of that?” Yet..a few weeks after it all came about here we are.

  1. Infosion

    Very nice, you gave me a good review about everything 🙂
    Good calculations concerning the potential growth rates of gambling dApps. I think you’re right, you almost can’t be too optimistic about it if you see how everything is developing so far

  2. Nicholas

    Dice, poker, gambling all the times 😀
    The EOS really need some cool, real game, like Prospectors. Where are the arcade-games? Where are the card-games? Where are the collectible kitties? Okay, the poker is fun, but you know, more gamers than poker-players 😉

    You know the dash.red? They have some cool short game, is better than the simple faucet. That is the great solution, and a good marketing. Why not exist this on eos?

    When you have just a few minute, you doesnt start a pokergame…

  3. Siddartha

    I do agree with the volume on EOS DApps, but I don’t think 25K real users are using EOS Dapps. EOS actually has higher entry barriers, when it comes to account creation, staking etc. Probably a few people with lot many accounts. Just my viewpoint, I could be wrong.