Worbli claims to be a business friendly dapp platform, code forking the EOS.io software and airdropping to all claimant holders by a ratio of 1:1.
As regards business friendlyness, this means, that dapps won’t likely need to worry about compliance or KYC, AML issues, but also a promise of account recovery and…. yes you are reading right…: Customer Support!

That sounds pretty much like a centrally governed blockchain, and indeed in their whitepaper (p22) they say, complete decentralisation is a long-term goal and during the early periods the core-team will determine governance matters alone, gradually invovling the community. In the longer-term they also foresee a worker proposal fund “Worbli Network Fund” (p23), feed by 1% inflation.

Token Distribution

There will be a total of 2,5 Billion WBI tokens, out of which 40% will go to EOS token holders. For me it is not clear if this will be dropped automatically, or one most claim them, as according to this reddit post. Although this might sound strange, it would be someone inline with their announcement of a KYC of any member of the chain (there she goes, sweet privacy…).
Another 20% go to the Worbli foundation plus another 8% to founders, this is already a high rate of allocation for the founders, but might be still okay. A final significant proportion is set up for token sale, so there should be an ICO as well.

(Source: Worbli Short Paper p6)

Block Producers

It seems at least for the start, there will be a fixed set of 21 block producers, who will be appointed by the Worbli team / foundation. Among them are (according to various partnership announcements, that of course, don’t really give away lot):
Eos Dublin
Eos Tribe
HK Eos and….
EOS New York!!!
So even bps from the first row are on board! Curious who else will there be. BPs will get 1% of the token reward and as special utility, they are intended to facilitate the rental of unused staked tokens (maybe that’s why Chintai is a partner?)

There is also already a Testnet in place. 

dapps & Partnerships

So far they have announced two partnerships, first of all Gamma Bank, which is meant to connect crpyto and fiat worlds via one single account, debit cards. etc.

Sure-Peer: where as a decentralised bank has been claimed by lots of people, this sounds sure new to me and sounds like a great addition.

Aside these seemingly high complexity dapps, they also apparently have a good collaboration base in the financial industry not the least one of the big 4 auditing companies.

Conclusion & Outlook

All in all, despite the summer quietness surrounding it, this project looks like a promising side/sister/daughter-chain of EOS, they have a clear strategy and try not to make a fuzz about governance, but keeping it in their hands (curious if this turns out to be a lesson learned for b1) for the start. The high degree of centralisation continues with 21 appointed bps. But still this way the blockchain is sure to run smoothly.
KYC sounds like a tough option for token holders, especially in combination with a release of tokens depending on chain activity. So maybe not that many active users for a start?

Although new to me, i feel Worbli is maybe the best EOS sister-chain in the making right now, surpassing all the known ones, i have described in one of my former articles:

Have you heard of Worbli before? What’s your stance on centralisation?
Will it succeed?






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    1. Conceptskip Post author

      Well, it’s my assumption, so far they have only announced an unspecified partnership. As said, their project is solid, and there is nothing that prevents a bp for different chains, in contrary it makes good sense.