INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the audit that I present to every one of you when probing for data and kenning the status of a security token (STS) venture that is at present being performed by the group if there are deficiencies in demystifying this article, don’t stress, I arranged a connection for precise data. what’s more, conspicuously, you can verbalize straightforwardly with the organizer or our venture group.

State Security Code (STS) is a progressively advanced mazuma concentrated on security, proficiency and facilitate of utilizing the world over. It utilizes distributed innovation, which works on an expeditious and secure square of Ethereum. STS does not just perceive early adopters and long-haul holders but on the other hand is the solitary cash to spread the “State-predicated impetus program” (SBIP). It centers around more preponderant security and efficacious advancement of Crypto mazuma as it utilizes distributed innovation to give accessibility to the mankind and steadiness for the dynamic monetary predicated crypto advertise. Furthermore, on the grounds that it utilizes the Ethereum Blockchain innovation we are ensuring that it is bulwarked, expeditious, and straightforward STS has adscititiously distinguished an earlier adopter and long haul and elongating program dependent on impetus status (SBIP) in the ecumenical market. As of not long ago, STS won’t quit doing great administration in truth the STS is more designed on administration so all administrations inside the STS framework will assure that it is very much utilized and gainful for everybody.

BEGINNING OF INDUSTRY REVOLUTION: The business’ upheaval is unstable and it brings sizably voluminous changes around the world. A portion of the business unrest over the antecedent hundreds of years is substantiation that the insurgency is profoundly transmuting and conveys extraordinary changes and numerous chances to all perspectives. Some of them have transpired a few centuries as the texture and agrarian industry utilized a coal for working of its hardware.

MISSION: We expect to build up a subjective methodology for a more secure, more steady, network constructed cryptographic mazuma division with veneration to an ecumenical scale.

STS WALLET: The STS Wallet application is your one-stop gateway for putting away, delivery, following and, above all, STS Token rates for long-haul development. It will be accessible for nothing for the Android, iOS, and Microsoft working frameworks with a natural outline that can be nearly anything. Stacker will get prizes as per (1) the season of their aggregation and (2) the term of the HOLD.

STATUS SECURITY (STS) TOKEN: The STS marker was made to give solidness and security in the profoundly steady cryptographic mazuma market to make a future when experienced and top-notch financial specialists can appreciate paramount serenity while putting away STS token portfolios. That is the reason STS markers are furnished with a status predicated incentivizing force program (status motivator status). Since there will dependably be susceptibility, and there is no authentic way to anticipate the esteem or conduct in the digital mazuma showcase. Be that as it may, by making a network of financial specialists who are offered motivations to ascertain our coins, even with market variances, we can, in any event, make vigor around our very own cash in this capricious condition. Read our white paper to optically discern the points of interest of how this SBIP was yare to grant HODLing.,The (STS token) need to be quiet, steady, secure notional theorization inside the (STS token) framework in the capricious market. (STS Token) needs to make a future for incipient and old speculators to be genial, dynamic, and tranquil to build up their arrangement of STS tokens. (STS) confide in building a wallet application, they will be able to grow their administrations in impetuses (SBIP) programs that have not been visually perceived in other incentivizing force programs antecedently.

Information about tokens:

• Total scope of delivery: 10000000000 STS

• Contract: 0x2193b9f2b5e5051e41c32c71b25587d6a6f045c8

• Decimal: 18

• Token Type: ERC20

• soft cover 300 ETH

• Hard cover 500 ETH


 the end


 August 15 – 31

 1 ETH = 5M STS

 5% bonus


 September 1 – 30

 1 ETH = 3M STS

 3% bonus

The development of ITS projects and roadmaps will be adjusted to reflect the real situation to ensure sustainable development.


2018 Q1


 Security status.

 Study.

 Planning phase.

 Gather team members and potential investors.

2018 Q2


 Meet STS Tokens in the world.

 Expand STS presence on social networks.

 STS group extension.

 Creation and development of the official STS website.

2018 Q3


 Launching the website

 Sale of tokens/crowdfunding.

 Introduction to the first and only “State-based incentive program” (SBIP)

 Plan and create the official STS desktop wallet app without the SBIP lock feature.

 The announcement of the first Exchange list.

2018 Q4


 Token / Crowdfunding Sales Expire.

 Planning and developing an official STS Token web wallet application with SBIP to card.

 Bug fixes and web wallet development.

 Planning Phase for SBIP Cell Wallet.

 More list of exchanges and partner ads

For general information about STS, visit the link below:


White Paper:

Ann Thread:






Bitcointalk profile:;u=2230869

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  1. SouthernCrossroads

    Interesting piece, but it could use a follow up with some basic examples to build a foundation for the technical data presented here. I’m thinking they are attempting to build a secure stable coin through staking and interest, bit the use case wasn’t really developed. I would be interested to hear more about how they plan to market the product and associated applications to support it.

    Thanks for the work and information. Hope to hear more about the project.