In our days, a lot of people know already about CryptoCurrencies, due especially to the massive bull run that occurred at the end of 2017, resulting subsequently in a lot of mainstream media exposure.

However, who is actually using them it’s a completely different story — a fairly pretty low percentage from the global population.

The interesting thing though, the way I see it, is that roughly 90% or more of the people involved in this low percentage Crypto community, don’t have the most beneficial mentality towards the space; being preoccupied with the Price movement only. Thus, they are looking all day long at the CoinMarketCap’s charts and all they do is speculate and in this way, the only way for them to make money is to get lucky that the Coin they invested in would go up in value.

But reality doesn’t care about the speculation game and when situations like 2018 take place and the markets are in continued downtrend — these people are in depression, hopelessness and many of them even quit and return back to the insidious derivative Central Banking financial prison.

Instead of judging the book by its cover, which in this case is the Price, we should open the book and see what’s inside; by doing that we will find a lot of infrastructure that the developers are currently building on all these open distributed ledger BlockChains like Ethereum, EOS, NEO, Stellar, Steem, Enjin, Tron, Stratis and the list goes on and on…

It’s funny how these 90% don’t even realize that while they are crying about the Crypto market going down suffering a lot of losses and panicking whether to sell their assets or not, there is an entire second market of Decentralized Applications (dApps) which the other 10% are thriving on immensely until they wait for the 1st market to recover. These are built on Smart Contracts and basically represent CryptoCurrencies inside of CryptoCurrencies (aka tokens inside of coins).

Another way of not only depending upon the CoinMarketCap’s Price speculation is to pay attention to all these ICOs/IBOs that appear on the different Coins’ BlockChains that in order to incentivize the promotion of their tokens — are dropping airdrops and bounties.

Obviously some are better than anothers; and in my opinion, one of the best and finest ways of claiming airdrops and getting marketing tools (especially if you’re a business owner) is through CryptoEmail.

Not only you get the airdropped tokens per se, but also you are rewarded in the cMail token for doing that, which I believe has a very bright future (you can see why more in depth here:

In one of my previous articles I covered how you can get paid from Twitter tasks on their platform:

In this one I want to present the Steemit ones.


Enjoy them here:

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