Steem based decentralized application, DLive is leaving Steem. DLive’s official social channels recently announced that DLive will leave Steem and join lino. Their official twitter handle tweeted:

DLive is joining the @Lino_Network blockchain, moving away from Steem. To read the full announcement, visit: . We are excited about this change and we hope you are too! Hello @Lino_Network

This is a major blow to Steem considering the fact that hard fork 20 will be implemented soon on the Steem blockchain. DLive received a high Steem Power delegation from Steem Inc which they were using to reward content creators. This delegation was revoked after DLive announced that they will be leaving Steem.

DLive’s announcement post about leaving Steem stated multiple reasons for leaving Steem. Two of the main points raised were:

#1. Whale self votes and voting circles.

#2. Account creation problem.

Here’s what they stated:

We’ve been monitoring analytics and we were not able to reward our content creators with the true value of their content. Our focus was to grow our user base, and build an engaging live streaming and video community while growing Steem as well, and deliver upvotes as evenly as possible during the last 9 months. However, the current economic model of Steem incentivizes large Steem holders to continuously upvote their own content and other creators who specifically support their content. This creates an ecosystem where a content’s true value can’t be recognized or be fairly rewarded.

To be honest, I totally agree with that. In Steem, people are not incentivized to upvote good content. Steem users can use 11 full votes a day. It is not uncommon to see some Steem users posting low quality comments and voting on them to get their entire voting reward to themselves. Some other users will vote only their friends who vote them back. This is why quality content isn’t generally appreciated well on Steem.

There are other issues that will be addressed after the migration. Things like account setups. Account setups are instant on the new DLive, you can create an account and start live streaming or uploading videos within a few minutes. This is so important for mainstream adoption. We monitored our guest accounts and found that only a small percentage were able to wait for a Steemit account to start using our platform.

Again, I agree with this one hundred percent. Steem’s current onboarding model requires money to create new accounts. This is a big obstacle to onboard new users. I recently had a chat about this with’s founder who also stated that he was having the same problem. Steem needs to solve these issues or it will have a hard time making any real progress.

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  1. sandwichbill

    You’re absolutely right about Steem. It’s manipulated by the whales to their own ends and the proof-of-brain doesn’t work. The content by the higher rated users isn’t that great, they know people will upvote it anyway, often by automatic voting, to earn a curation reward. A lot of high quality content that’s posted by users with lower ratings gets buried on Steem.

  2. Conceptskip

    Steem has it’s problems, no doubt about it, but what is this linos platfrom, never heard about it, and they have dlive on their website as major dapp, looks a bit shady. Apart from them taking a huge delegation and then leaving off….

  3. Yanika

    Never before heard of Lino Network. I read yesterday the article of @meno in steemit, he explained everything in details, wherein is written that they were planing to leave steemit long ago.
    Of course steemit has its own problems, the situation with should be a wake up call for Steemit!