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Steem blockchain’s biggest web interface, has been down for a few hours. Trying to visit the website shows the following error message:

Looks like something went wrong on our end.
Head back to Steemit homepage.

I tried visiting different links to the site but all of them show error messages. Visiting profile links show the following error:

Sorry! This page doesn’t exist.
Not to worry. You can head back to our homepage, or check out some great posts.

After asking around, I learned that Steem blockchain crushed due to an incompatible block when some witness nodes / block producers updated to version 20 of Steem the software.

This new version added the ability to upvote posts in the last 12 hours of a post payout. A user reportedly upvoted a post in that last period which resulted in an incompatible block. Steem witness neoxian said in the witness channel of Steem chat:

Someone flagged something at the last 12 hours, then seraph defended it with an upvote…and then boom, you have an incompatible block.

Another Steem witness, timcliff stated:

The consensus that was decided by the top witnesses is to rollback to 19.x *Everyone should switch to 19.6 / 19.12.*

– If you are running any nodes with 20, you will need to stop the node.
– The 20.0 block_log will not be compatible with the 19.x version.

He further said:

Basically the best thing to do right now is hang tight. There is a bug in V19 and V20, and the chain has stopped until a solution can be found. It is being worked on and a solution will be posted once it’s known.

In order to fix this, Steem witnesses will have to revert back to Steem version 19.6 / 19.12 and start the chain with a newly released version of Steem with current bugs fixed. Several witnesses / block producers said that Steem Inc is working on releasing a new fixed version.

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    1. Littleboy Post author

      They fixed it in a few hours after I wrote this article.

      > Are you saying there’s a bug in hard fork 20, which was supposed to resolve the bugs in 19, already?

      Not me. Top Steem devs themselves are saying there is a bug in 20.0 due to incompatibility with 19.12. I quoted timcliff. He is one of the top Steem developers.