STEEM broke below the ascending support we where monitoring. I told you in my last STEEM update if that happened, it’d likely drop to at least 12,000 satoshi. As of writing this, that’s exactly where it sits.

In today’s video analysis, I discuss where price may be heading next, where the bottom may be and MUCH more. I hope you find it helpful.

Video Analysis:

If you’re viewing this on a site other than Steemit, and you don’t see the above video, navigate to Steemit or TIMM ( in order to watch.

I hope this has been helpful. I’d be happy to answer any questions in the comment section below. Until next time, wishing you safe and profitable trading!


Disclaimer: I am NOT a financial advisor and this is NOT financial advice. Please always do your own research before investing. 

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  1. Movingman Dan

    I just learnt a million and one things and will download your video. I only ever use the EW theory, and can see by the day sticks there that it will go into a C on correction maybe raising a tiny bit.. but then, I’m guessing it will drop to just over 11200sats to balance that huge upwards movement previously.. then to the Demand Line! Love the terminology I learnt just from these 6 mins.
    It could be that it goes like you say to much less in price, considering we have a long wait until SMT’s.
    Of course I’d never take anyone’s advice as financial advice, but that was a great video!

    1. Workin2005 Post author

      Thanks @movingman. I’m a big believer in EW when volume is high. In fact, it was my bread and butter back in November-January when trading crypto. Personally, I find it’s not as reliable in low volume markets. That said, it’s always a great weapon to have in your trading arsenal. Thanks for the kind words.