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I was born in September 2018 in the BLOG town of Steemit.

My namee is @cloudblade.

Here is a peaceful place.

white pigeons Flying everywhere.

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Just a few months have passed,

I grew up a little,

I thought Steemit was a technology world.

Because I look a lot of robots,

These robots are very powerful, some are very harmonious, some are very enthusiastic to help everyone…

At the same time, I have met many human friends, and everyone is happy to chat together.

I Followed them to join a lot of communities,

Such as @pifc curating community

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In different communities, there are photographers, painters, writers, foodies, financial experts, and so on. They are very profession and interested about it.

But more is the same ordinary people as me,

We don’t understand anything!

I am a common person, I don’t know anything.


suddenly, One day,

About the end of September 2018 to the beginning of October,

Suddenly, the sky was thundering, everyone was in a panic.

I wonder , what could happened the world of Steemit? “(Metaphor, STEMMIT can’t start writing normally)”

The sky is banging loudly,

I was stunned. “(Metaphor because We can’t log in on that day)”

Soon after, I woke up, “(Metaphor, can log in)”

I Found that the world has changed,

People are talking about mana,

me Overwhelmed,

With the help of everyone, I realized that the world has changed!


I opened my mana interface,

I Find it,

My Current Mana is 3,126,297,681.

My Maximum Mana is 30,549,531,277.

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I joked with my friends and said that the world of steemit has soared and turned into a world of wizards.


Voting power = The degree of exertion of casting spells:

When I cast a spell, voting power determines the spell I put out, and it has the percentage of my full cast. When I finish the spell, the voting power will be reduced. When the spell is no longer cast, the voting power will slowly recover. To 100%

Current Mana = my current mana:

Affects whether I can cast spells. Whenever I finish the spell, the mana value will decrease. When I stop casting, Current Mana will slowly recover to 100%.

Maximum Mana = my maximum mana:

For example, when I stop casting spells, my mana value will be restored, but the highest will only reach 30549531277.

I found that I could only cast spells about 5 times a day, after 5 times I would powerless.

My spells have post / votes / resteemit / reply / edit / etc.


I was chatting with my friends at the time.

I say : The world of steemit wizard has just finished fly soared.

Maybe Future will appear Prayer Pool,

People will communicate directly with the outside world through the Prayer Pool, and they will be able to communicate with the outside world without having to leave the steemit.

“(such as Crypto Currency exchanged on steemit)”

Maybe there will be Mage Tower, “(Personal Home)”,

We can have our own house on the stemmit.

Steemit may have a lot of things worth collecting, we can collect these things in our own Mage Tower and share to firends.

You can bring friends to the house to play and look those collections.


Months passed, I haven’t seen Mage Tower yet, but I found a lot of new things.

For example, they made badges and presented them to specific people!

There are many beautiful badges inside.

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Another example is steemmonsters, they invented magical cards,

Can seal the demon/ghosts/Monster/Elf on the steemit world.

These cards have magical powers, you can use them to fight, participate in some activities, give them to friends, and even convert to the currency of the STEMM world.

As shown below

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Other than that,

There are many, many more,

I Say 1001 night , still can not to say finish it.


so , Steemit now is a sorcerer world .

It’s ever-changing,

Although I still am a little wizard,

My Current Mana is 104,264,785,812.

My Maximum Mana is 112,723,965,950.


This 55.13SP is a false appearance.


Among them, the 15 SP came from the temporary transfer of the STEMMIT World,

The other 40 SP was borrowed from the big wizard @crypto.piotr.

My own real SP, only 0.13

But if I become a great wizard / king of wizards,

I will build more culture to help other wizards.

It’s like those wizards who helped me.

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