What do you do with a world of un-banked and financially excluded people in a corporate bank owned world?  Other than just creating an alternative Crypto-Economic-Universe?  Stellar Lumins (XLM) just might have the path to justly and fairly include all the peoples of the world, including the existing financial structures, into the decentralized digital financial world of the future.

Stellar vs Ripple vs Worbli

Originally OpenCoin was intended for just such a purpose, but the more corporate inclined of the development group quickly usurped the ideas to make their “evil banker coin” XRP (from Ripple Labs)  You see, the Crypto-blockchain world started out with the “CypherPunks” trying to live outside of the current inherently corrupt financial system of Fractional Reserve Banking and Central Banks to create an anonymous peer to peer decentralized economic system that everyone/anyone can use without restriction.  As Jed McCaleb became frustrated with OpenCoin moving to a more centralized and “For Profit” status, he quickly parted ways with what became RIPPLE (XRP) and started STELLAR LUMINS (XLM).

All 3 of these projects (XLM, XRP, WBI [aka Worbli]) are trying to integrate the Fiat Financial World with the world of Blockchain, but each has a slightly different approach with some shared aspects.  Worbli and Ripple both are catering to the Financial World, XRP being run and used mainly by the banks, and WBI  with its block producers as Corporate Partners,  also requires everyone with an account on their blockchain to be “Know Your Customer” and “Anti Money Laundering” (KYC AML) compliant.  Stellar takes a different approach. Stellar is dedicated to being a NOT FOR PROFIT organization, that is highly transparent and that serves indiscriminately all on the planet no matter how remote from developed cities.  It plans on doing this by creating a new “clearing system” (like SWIFT) that utilizes their BlockChain technology known as the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP).  Utilizing the SCP allows for almost free micro-transactions and the ability to transact among only a small group, even if they are not currently connected to the larger network as a whole.  This distributed and fast consensus mechanism is what will allow for the on-boarding and use by the poor peoples in the far reaches of their societies, like small agricultural towns etc.  If the bank and credit companies (Visa, MC, etc.) find the clearing mechanism safe and functional, they should all sign onto using the system creating a One World Clearing system that is transparent, inexpensive, fast and equal for all regardless of economic status.  Also, like Worbli, on the Stellar blockchain one will be able to program SmartContracts and the like.


Stellar is doing a great job finding partners.  Stellar has integrated their blockchain with   Novatti group‘s payment systems allowing benefits to both parties as now XLM gets access to the established fiat world.  Stellar’s alliance with  TransferTo  brings an established and regulated B2B payment system and will serve as a huge validation of Stellar’s credentials and technology.   IBM  has recently joined up with Stellar to use its blockchain platform to release CarbonCredit Tokens.


The Stellar Foundation ( www.stellarfoundation.co.za ) has a well designed and stated mission”

The mission of the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is to promote global financial access, literacy, and inclusion. SDF accomplishes this by expanding worldwide access to low-cost financial services through the development and maintenance of technology and partnerships.

SDF’s vision is an open and affordable financial system where people of all income levels can access simple-to-use, secure, and low cost financial services. SDF also aims to empower developers with useful technology to create financial products and services for their communities.

The Foundation Mandate is highly philanthropic and tries to have projects that aim to help the underprivileged and support health and agriculture among other things.  In this respect, XRP and WBI are faulty and fail miserably in comparison.

Governance Structure

Stellar has the following structure:

  • Members (Founders)
  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Directors
  • Employees
  • Foundation Partners

Because Stellar is a Non-Profit, none of the Members, Directors nor Executive Director get any pay for their time and effort.  The Members choose a Board, the Board elects an Executive, the Executive hires people and sets salaries of the employees, and Foundation Partners get a vote in what the foundation does.  This is also radically different and way more benevolent structure than either XRP or WBI’s  have as an internal power structure.  Stellar truly seems to be looking for that balance between Egalitarianism and Philanthropy.    KUDOS to you STELLAR !!!!


XLM has a total pre-mined supply of 104,622,670,393 coins, with just under 20 billion currently in circulation.  About a year ago, BTC holders were given the opportunity to get an airdrop.  Of the total amount, 95 billion coins are to be distributed to the world with 5% being held for the Foundation.

  • 50% for distribution via the Direct Sign-up Program
  • 25% for distribution via the Partnership Program
  • 20% for distribution via the Bitcoin Program
  • 5% held by SDF to support operational costs

Also, XLM will have an inflation rate of 1% per year and it will get distributed proportionately to the wallet holders of XLM.


 I must hand it to Jed McCaleb for maintaining the “High Moral Ground” in this abundant yet volatile crypto development arena.  He wrongly gets bashed for Mt. Gox (which he developed but had no part in the collapse of) and gets bad press from the greedy banksters of Ripple for wanting to cash out his XRP to develop Stellar (a direct and broader competitor to XRP).  Seems those banksters only did Jed a favor, as now his estimated 9 billion XRP are worth even more.  The entire form of the company as a NON-PROFIT and its philanthropic Foundation make XLM a sight for sore eyes in this blockchain world of only Exchanges and Gambling apps (and the occasional CryptoKitty).   Good Luck to you STELLAR, may you find many a new partner to spread your dream!



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  1. Infosion

    Great overview of what makes Stellar so special in many aspects. Very detailled and pinned down to the important infos on the bigger picture. Also great to compare it not only with Ripple but also Worbli! Very well done & good luck in the contest!

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      I guess you mean “success” = “adoption”
      Only the Universe knows, I suppose they have as good of a chance as any,,,, I will give it to them for their “High Moral Fiber”,,, its a rare thing to see, in the blockchain space, like since Shitoshi himself.

  2. Teutonium

    Great post m8! And yes Stellar is a great project, it was one of my first cryptos, even though I sold it back in May because I didn’t want to be soo spread around, Jed sure is improving it, I always tell XRP addicts, “instead of buying the morally inferior XRP, buy XLM, at least you get to keep your soul :)”