Dear Trybe.One community good afternoon today I am making a Still life Pencil Shedding Timelapse artwork friends it’s among the toughest firm of drawing for an artist and I never spend so much time and energy what I puts on the making of this drawing and friends here bow I am adding the complete tutorial and a video of drawing this wonderful Still life pencil shedding so you can try this at your end and enjoy with me the making of this beautiful drawing.


 Dearfriends it’s a fun for me although to enjoy the beautiful drawing and this type of work represents the mastery of your artistic talent about this sector and I am very happy that my dear friends when I posted this work on Steemit and so many positive reviews I found and this type of reviews encourage my confidence and work like a booster for me to enhance my art work and skills.

Friends often I made watercolour portrait and paintings but still life shedding work is among the most prominent and as I already told you that it’s a very time consuming and lengthy process and I invested almost four hours and tons of efforts in making this masterpiece.

Here below I am also adding the snapshots of making process as how I made this wonderful amd very fascinating artwork so friends let’s start the drawing. Friends this type of drawing is based on special effects and for reference the examiner or our teacher put these items in real on a table in front of us and give us four to give hours and we have to draw them with pencil shedding. So my art teacher decided to give us this artwork and we all the students trying our best to give it the perfect view.

First of all I used to draw the sketch of desired items and this drawing is started with light sketching and the outline of the drawing.

Slowly slowly I started putting my efforts to darken the shedding and giving it the shape of fruits and vegetables.

Thank you.



Find this artwork on Whaleshares, also shared on Steemit.

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