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On this occasion I will discuss briefly about a song sung by the artist Mulan Jameela entitled Cinta Mati II. Cinta Mati II is a song by the maestro Ahmad Dhani, Ahmad Dhani managed to create this song with romantic lyrics where each verse of the song has a tremendous value about love.

The song Cinta Mati II, which was sung by Mulan Jameela in 2009, was quite a hit at that time, a song that tells about the love of triangles, the lyrics are very easy to understand and very pleasant to hear. Love Mati II tells the story of a person who lost his love for death, from his music is very different from dead love I, which is more ballad, death love II is more beat with the beat of guitar distortion from Mitha.

Currently the song with the title Cinta Mati II belongs to Ahmad Dhani is widely discussed by the people of Indonesia, because the song is a song that has been re-arranged by Dhani and replaced the lyrics using Indonesian. If you are a music lover in the 90s, you must have heard a song with the title Real Life.

Real Life is the title of the song sung by singer Sergio Mendes, Sergio Mendes, a singer from Brazil.

Responding to this, Ahmad Dhani told the media that the song he released a few years ago was not a song of plagiarism, the Production Boss of the Republic of Men Menagement said, Dhani stressed that he did not copy it. He already has an official permit from the publisher in question to adapt “Real Life” to “Cinta Mati II”, which was released several years ago. Dhani has also paid for the permit.

Regarding this issue, of course the work of an Ahmad Dhani in the Indonesian music world should be given extraordinary appreciation, some of his works are able to make Indonesian society entertained.

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