Strangers, not each knowing,
but blank faces showing,
any culture, religion or race,
life from another human space.

Have families at home sharing,
we destroy each other without caring,
in another time, situation a friend be,
now, ha ha, you a corpse I see.

Man-made forced instructions,
never understood destruction’s,
questions on lips, of why,
answers on lips we cry.

Fallen heroes and friends,
on both sides defends,
hatred, anger, and pain,
spread across paths, no gain.

Countries with greed for own,
overwhelming all, the groan,
taking not theirs, selfish,
pain left behind not self wish. 

We are human after all,
destruction in ways fall,
a different face reveal,
from each we merely steal.

Tears and blood all the same,
flesh ripped apart who’s to blame,
but loss, hurt, all remain inhumane,
Blood in and Blood out, all in fame.

One last lead in your head,
not the last to have bled,
home again, ever so proud,
no shame but heads in the cloud.

Across neighborhoods, gangs,
we hate you, different slangs,
differing colors to reflect,
drugs, money, greed to collect.

Same place unlike circumstance,
love each other a consequence,
we do not know why,
as pain filled eyes rise to the sky.

Could we have been kin,
spread too far, time, now sin,
nobody knows the truth,
engage in warfare how uncouth.

Why I ask, is this too much,
feed only for real as such,
animals, are different, love,
not learn from us, we above.

Years of pain gone by,
from the past never shy,
never our minds train,
sticking to inhumane lane.

No win but lost forever,
home again so what, whatever,
till next time my brother,
from yet another mother.

Give us a pat on the back,
we are proudly made heroes,
destructive as usual, evil pack,
one day we will become zeros.

P.S. – Love humanity, we have the world in our hands!
Love, and Peace, Mark (Zeus69)

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