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Walking down the old Factory streets in Berlin is every time a new pleasure for the soul of an True Streetart Lover .
The Pictures that are painted on the outside have one in common :
They are huge
The Painters were brilliant
The Flow of Art is incredible
The Painters can realize their motivations without the damage of an official building / private persons house

Techno or Drum and Bass Clubs are here in one row and fix perfect to the dark and old buildings.

Modern Social Crtic that none of us can shut down!

The old Ice-Company was open till 2012 so these pictures are around that year
Poorly the house was in a very bad situation so the town closed all entrys and catch a security company in aware of forbidden acces.
When you walked in at the lowest part you could see the old pipes and the fresh paint.


It was an impressive Feeling so i hope this pictures can help you imagine 😉
Go upwards , leave the tiny and dirty stairs behind you and come to the top where you find a flat roof with an incredible view!

I were there on the NYE 11/12 and it was great to see all over the beautiful Buildings of Berlin.

Old Rooftops are the best !

Old but Gold

Dirty and Dark

More Input coming soon… Feel free to give Feedback:)

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  1. Infosion

    Awesome idea for a series!
    Actually I’ve only been once in Berlin long ago and was really astounished ho “full” of graffity everything is 🙂
    Niece piece of artwork you slected, looking forward to you next parts of the series