Last year I attended a Masters course at Link Campus University in Rome and during the course we mentioned the use of cryptocurrencies as an alternative and innovative payment method.

To my great surprise, I learned in that circumstance that in January 2018 the University would present its critique, the LinkCoin during a conference entitled “Blockchain, present and future.”

The conference’s conference poster pointed out that “The new official cryptocurrency of Link Campus University will be presented and distributed to the participants at the conference: the LinkCoin!

The crypto value will be usable through a web interface or by installing an application on your Android smartphone (for iOS it will be available soon) when you register at the conference. At the end of the conference, some gadgets will be offered for sale that can be purchased exclusively through LinkCoin. ”

I must say that, then, I did not take much notice (for me it was enough Steem, Bitcoin, Litcoin, Monero, …) and I must say that I can not tell you about the fate of this cryptocurrency.

But a few days ago I read that Link Campus University relaunches on the topic and, in this year’s educational program, proposes, first univerist in Europe, a Master entitled “Blockchain and Economy of Crypto Currencies”

The course, organized with the collaboration of the Consulcesi Tech is divided into several lessons that will address the use of the blockchain of cryptocurrencies with the obvious links and technical-economic implications but also legal and tax.

The need to organize this training path arises from the awareness that these subjects must now be brought to the attention of what will be the future ruling class and to the professionals that the university aims to train above all in those sectors capable of bringing innovation, new technologies and create new job opportunities.

The foundation of this choice is well highlighted in the statement issued in this regard by Andrea Tortorella, CEO of Consulcesi Tech:

“On the one hand, the debate on the potentials of digital coins and Blockchain is now on the agenda, on the other hand, the demand for experts in this field is growing, so the participation of Link Campus University with its own knowledge related to these technologies, which puts it in the ranks of other large institutions such as Stanford and Mit. We, who have always believed in the blockchain, want to focus on the young people who will undertake this formative journey, and we will do it by hiring those who will turn out to be the best students “.

The advent of a blockchain has been considered a real cultural revolution that therefore also requires specific training courses and the Link Campus Course sets this objective.

In order to participate in the Master, you must have at least a short degree and the lessons can be followed either in e-learning or in the classroom.

• Some topics covered during the course are: Introduction to the concept of blockchain, cryptocurrency and token;

• The security of transactions in the blockchain and case study on fraud: 4 hours.

• Effects of the introduction of cryptocurrencies on monetary policy and macroeconomic aggregates;

• Elements of classification of cryptocurrencies;

• Analysis of the main cryptocurrencies;

• Introduction to cryptocurrency exchange markets: exchange;

• Practical trading exercises.

In short, all the topics that we see on this platform trybe and now enter the university.

But the real gem is that at the bottom of the page that describes the methods of registration to the course here is the inscription: SUBSCRIBE AND PAY FOR REGISTRATION WITH THE CRIPTOVALUTA

The cost of the course? About 2 Bitcoins.

If the questions exceed the number of available places, the selection will be made by qualifications and by curricula.

In general, the University provides scholarships that cover the cost of the grant in whole or in part. If you are interested in this link you will find all the info on the course

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  1. Yanika

    Today I read a similar news here about the gradual implementations of cryptos in USA universities. So looks like the trend is reaching all the way down to the education field. My question is just when the blockchain platforms will be ready to revolutionize the educational system as I think it is far behind the nowadays fintech trends.
    Anyway, great article @sardart!