There is this popular saying we are the average of the 5 people we spend the majority of our time with. This saying is very accurate, as we are social animals and we mirror image of people in our lives, people we see regularly. And if we look at ourselves on a microscopic level, you will find out that most of our behaviour is borrowed from the people around us, these people may be our parents, friends, colleagues and our spouse. Most of this happens on a subconscious level, that its impact may elude us, except we make a conscious effort to halt all influences from external forces.

This interesting thing is that any behaviour exhibited by someone either a family or a friend, that we like; for example, if you like the way your friend pronounces a word, regardless of how odd it sounds, chances are that you may adopt that way of pronouncing the word. One way or the other, that’s how we’ve all come to become who we are today, piece by piece, we let ourselves go under the influence of other people. And this behaviour becomes ingrained in our character, so you see why it is very important to surround oneself with the right kind of people.

In this post, we will look at some of the quality people around us must possess, because their lives, behaviour and personalities will affect us one way or the other in the long run.

Positive Mindset

There is nothing as bad as being surrounded by negative people, people who choose not to see the world in a positive light, but rather see all the bad things and the things wrong with the world. This are terrible people, and depending on our relationship with them, their actions can affect us to a large extent, and their words may hold us back from taking risks that could turn to opportunities. This kind is always quick to say “I told you so” when something goes wrong, and they are slow to admit they are wrong something goes right. Negative people are weak at the core and look for ways to drag you down emotionally. You need to keep your inner circle free from people with a negative mind.

On the other hand, get the can-do people, the ones that will come to you when you need them the most, they will support your dream. These are the people we should have around us, and those are the quality of people we should strive to become ourselves. They encourage you when things get tough, they will be the shoulder for you to cry on. Strive to have as many as possible this quality of people in your life at every point in time. They are not just yes men, at the point of making a decision, they will be there to give you their honest opinion, if you care to listen, and regardless what the outcome of what you choose pans out to be, they will still support you regardless. Pick your friends wisely!

Get the right mentors

Image – Pixabay CC0

We should endeavour to have people who have gone ahead of us in times past, and have gained knowledge and have a deeper understanding of life. Such people should be willing to take us under their wings and mentor us, with their knowledge and understanding, it will enable us to avoid certain mistakes that will cost us time and vital resource if we choose to do things ourselves. The major takeaway here is to have someone to run to when life gets extremely harsh and we need some experience to navigate through the hardship. Mentors are great people to have, they sometimes provide us with soft landings, especially if such mentors are family.

The best mentor anyone can hope for is one’s parents, they will be the ultimate people to mould our character and personality into the best versions of ourselves, and when we age, we can have more meaningful conversations with them. Mentors are always there to motivate, correct, inspire, and direct us, above all, they serve as human guardian angels.


[Tony Robbins – Surround Yourself with Quality People]

[Entrepreneur – 4 Types of People to Surround Yourself with]

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  1. Infosion

    Very nice article and thanks very much for all these tips! Didn’t know this about the average of 5 people, but it really makes sense.
    And also very interesting to see you putting down Tony Robbins as a source in the comments. Thanks for reminding me about him, a great guy and think one of the best. Haven’t watched him like forever 🙂

  2. Candy Man

    Yep, the right people can help you achieve whatever goals you have in life while the wrong can set you back. Sometimes it’s difficult to cut ties with people keeping you back but sometimes it’s just better if you do it, regardless of how much it hurts.