A lot of people have been waiting for the bear market to end for months now. Up until this summer I was under the same impression until I finally managed to collect the dots. Even if the total market cap does not go up in 2019..there is another bull market on the horizon..

But first, let’s take a look at the technicalities. We are technically out of the bear market.

Let’s zoom in a little


This is the daily chart, and that red bearish trend line has not been broken one time this year after the bear market was initiated. Yesterday we closed outside the trend line. To me that is significant, even though it did not happen on very high volume. But it doesn’t even matter. Because I have greater news.

It doesn’t matter where the crypto market is going. We have fundamental evidence and momentum right here, INSIDE EOS. It doesn’t even matter which direction EOS is going. EOS itself could tank another 50% without it being significantly relevant for the EOSphere. Just look at the numbers guys..We are having 30-50k daily active users doing transactions on EOS based dapps. Yes, these are mainly gambling platforms, but please PLEASE don’t believe for a second that this is not very significant. Gambling just happened to be the first true usecase for blockchain. And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Everyone, at least a lot of people love some recreational gambling. Heck, they build entire CITIES based on gambling. And now we are experiencing and participating in the restructuring and evolution and the next era of gambling. Lower house edge as well as the possibility for ANYONE to participate as a token holder and stakeholder in the casino. Even if this is very early days, and we are in the speculative Wild West phase – this is nothing less than those smart guys back in the 70s and 80s putting out Arcade machines and slot machines in Arcade halls coming by once a week to empty them for pocket change. Those guys made a killing for a decade.

And this is only the first usecase. Then there will be games. Not EOSknights. REAL games. MMORPGS. RTS. Land ownership, planet ownership, virtual reality mining operations on distant planets. You believe in UBI? F that. In ten years, people are going to make a living mining, making and trading digital assets in computer games. VALUE is where people are. And where do you expect people to be in 10 years? Don’t believe or fall for the tribalism of the mainstream media and politics. We are moving forward and we very well should be. Sure, do your yoga and breaks from the cellphone. Don’t let your kid sit passively with his Ipad and all that.

But, future is what we are..

And while ETH fanboys and non believers continue to repeat the same mistakes they did in 2017, mainly continuing to purchase ERC20 tokens and shitprojects..they simply struggle with the conversion. I know, it’s difficult to not repeat the same patterns that you are used to. But in order to be successful you HAVE to be able to execute even if it sometimes feels like its too late. I personally waited 6 long years before I invested in Bitcoin. I for some reason refused to take the two hours of work it took to realise how Bitcoin and Blockchain technology was going to become more disruptive than the Internet itself. Even if I knew about Bitcoin in 2009..the former lazy me spent the next 6 years wondering if wether or not I should invest. I finally did, and it was the best decision in my life..at least if the goal was to get a heart attack.

So..I’m slightly more positive towards the entire crypto market now. I have a hunch..I live crypto, markets and human psychology 24/7..and I got this gut feeling that I usually get right before something happens. Or it could be the red wine. Who knows..all I know is that it doesn’t matter, because EOS is real and it has arrived.

And on that note..I found this classic gem to be quite fitting to where we are now


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