A team of Chinese researchers managed for the first time in the history of mankind to teleport (quantally) a photon from Earth to a satellite that orbited more than 500 kilometers in height. Nobody had ever been able, before now, to teleport a photon of success from Earth to Space. It might seem that we are talking about a science fiction movie or a very distant future but this time it is simple quantum physics. The Chinese researchers of the Micius Project succeeded in the project and reported that they managed to teleport a photon from our planet to the satellite Micius, which orbited 500 kilometers in height, through a phenomenon better known as: quantum entanglement. This phenomenon has been well known for many years by all the scientists all over the world but the exceptional thing about this last research lies in the distance. A record that nobody had managed to achieve until today despite the same team of researchers had taken huge steps but no one would have expected that soon they would have completed their biggest business. 


But what is the quantum teleportation? The quantum teleportation has nothing to do with the physical one because a real teleportation of matter does not happen, but a link is established between photons. The quantum entanglement is just a strange phenomenon that had also stumbled upon Albert Einstein delicate quantum phenomenon for which a pair of particles, just like two photons, are intimately connected to each other even at a distance and each alteration of the state of one of the two corresponds to a change of opposite direction of the other. In simpler terms, it provides for two particles to be connected in such a way that the actions on one of them have an INSTANT effect on the other. By talking more concretely, the team of researchers has used photon pairs linked together by quantum entanglement . For several months, scientists have launched millions of photons from their station in Tibet to the Micius satellite. The results of the experiments showed that the complex quantum phenomenon has maintained a connection of almost 1000 cases, despite the 500 kilometers of distance between the two photons. What we observe is that the measurements carried out on the particle left on the Earth have instantaneous repercussions on the one sent to the Space and this is why we talk about teleportation. This work shows the first connection to a satellite with long distance quantum teleportation, a fundamental step towards the development of a super secure global communication network.


These things seem very unreal but it is not so we are making giant steps in the world of technology and I am strongly convinced that these “strange phenomena” that today seem almost impossible to us, one day will be on the agenda.

Photos taken by pixabay

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  1. Zeus69

    Very interesting indeed but difficult to understand I suppose especially for a lay person, reminds me of that television program call “Big Bang Theory”.
    Thank you,
    Mark (Zeus69)