Numerous investors saw an investment opportunity with cryptocurrencies like BITCOIN and ETHEREUM. These pioneers and high performers introduced the cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Technology as a new and revolutionary mechanism to maintain the value of other currencies around the world while at the same time making payments and money transfers among people and businesses more secured and less costly. All was good until the big players began to question their services capabilities.

According to a recent analysis from (Feb/2018), bitcoin has a maximum processing time of just 7 transactions per second. Similarly, Ethereum has just 20 transactions per second.

Later on a new Blockchain platform was born called EOS. Interestingly enough The EOS abbreviation does not actually stand for anything, according to the founders. There is no real explanation, but many people in the community have come up with possible interpretations, for example: Ethereum Operating System.

The reality is that EOS and Ethereum have significant differences. Beginning with EOS outperforming Ethereum’s scalability shortcomings. For more information visit the following links:

EOS vs Ethereum:

7 Facts About EOS Everyone Should Know:

The connection between EOS and TELOS (a new blockchain platform branching off the EOS Main Net) was created by a group of EOS block producers, who effectively created a different governance model compared to the original EOS blockchain. This model is driven by a TELOS cryptocurrency called TLOS. This is significant because TELOS, with some modifications, can perform many of the same functions, but with much greater capacity and scalability.

In addition, TELOS is encouraging people to become part of their community by rewarding them with TLOS tokens each time they post TELOS content and links in their social media circles. Why is this significant you ask? I believe TLOS tokens will have a higher value than EOS tokens for the simple fact that TELOS will have fewer tokens in circulation. So, in short, you want to get as many as you can by utilizing all your media channels.

If you want to know more about this exciting news, check out the white paper and the official TELOS links below:

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