Although TELOS and EOS Mainnet share same EOSIO code base, there are several major differences in TELOS and EOS Mainnet. Telos has improved a lot over EOS Mainnet. Here are some of the differences and improvements:

Telos Genesis Snapshot (upper limit is 40000 TLOS)

Telos will distribute a new token, so called “TLOS”, to those who held EOS in EOS genesis snapshot. But all genesis addresses will be capped at 40,000 TLOS. This is to ensure decentralization. It will also help small players to have some impact on the growth of Telos Blockchain.

Please note that capping the value of every address in the genesis snapshot at 40,000 Telos (TLOS) tokens will remove the extreme economic power of a small number of “whales”. It will be a productive step for the majority of EOSIO Community to ensure decentralization.

Supply of TLOS tokens is about 3 times less than EOS

Capping at 40,000 TLOS will make supply of TLOS about three (3) times less than EOS supply. EOS supply is well over 1 billion. So TLOS token holders are empowered more in comparison with EOS Token holders. They can be expected to be more engaged because their votes matter more in comparison with EOS. In EOS only the whale votes really count.

EOS is getting centralized every day more and more. This is a severe problem with the EOS Mainnet.

The TLOS token supply, in reality, is expected to be between one-fourth and one-third that of EOS (280-340 million tokens) depending on exchange participation. This means that TLOS may soon get greater value than EOS Mainnet. In fact TLOS tokens may have value three times greater than EOS Tokens.

Annual Inflation is less than EOS

In EOS annual inflation is 5%. 4% goes to Worker Proposal Fund (WPF) and 1% goes to Block Producers. But in Telos annual inflation is 2.5%. Please note that there are some TIPs to enhance this annual inflation on temporary basis. In Telos 1.5% will go to WPF and 1% will go to Block Producers.

This definitely means that Telos is more powerful and worth more than EOS.


Telos has very well defined governance processes. Telos governance consists of 7 major documents . On the other hand EOS does not have clear governance picture. Without proper governance issues can not be resolved in time. Improvements and modifications can not be made. And the network may get stuck, just as EOS Worker Proposal Fund system is not working. There is very poor consensus mechanisms in EOS Mainnet.

And there are many more differences, that, I will go through in future posts.




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