EOS Blockchain perfected

If you’re like me, you didn’t buy thousands of dollars worth of EOS. Maybe a thousand. Maybe less. EOS is an amazing technology and advancement in the crypto space and an improvement on the EOS blockchain. Many dApp’s in future will move over to the EOS blockchain or its variants. This is where Telos comes in. Telos is just like EOS, only better. It makes the voting allocation and power distribution fairer.

All the important and successful blockchains (like BTC, ETH, EOS) have an unequal distribution of wealth: The Whales have a lot of power; The rich get richer. This is because if you own more resources, you can invest more for a bigger return.

Delegated Proof of Stake

Delegated proof of stake allows the scalability and fast execution problem, that plagued earlier blockchain technology, to be solved. Some of the very people that were significant in developing Bitcoin and Ethereum, early on, took the wisdom and experience over to EOS with dPOS. This is what Telos is built upon.

Delegated Proof of Stake is the “future of smart-contract blockchains”. The builders of Telos will combine the “blazing fast execution and scalability” of EOSIO software with true decentralization that makes DPoS sustainable. Telos will have the most even money supply distribution of any blockchain. This token distribution improves governance so the network is more secure and sustainable. [*source]

Rewards Pool Fund available!

Telos is a community-led alternative to EOS. There is a 1 million TLOS community rewards pool. Joining the rewards pool is easy. Then sign up with your user name for the services where you want to promote Telos. You can make videos, articles, tweets, posts, tutorials, Meetups, community management and more is all available and receives rewards both for the initial action and when people engage with you by liking, clapping, attending, viewing, whatever. [*source]

When the Telos Network officially launches (coming up anytime after November 07), you will have the opportunity to submit a final list of all the community engagement activities that you carried out. You can supply the Telos Rewards Program team with your EOS account (and subsequent TLOS account), or a self generated key-pair (using greymass-eos-voter or Scatter). I used Scatter.

So, get going and spread the word! Get your rewards of TLOS. The price of EOS (which TLOS is based on) is currently sitting at around $5-$6 USD! Just writing this post has earned a reward of 50 TLOS! 🙂

[Official TELOS Rewards Weblink]

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    1. globalgreg Post author

      Yes. Agreed. Telos Foundation have said each account will be only able to claim a maximum of 40,000 TLOS (Telos tokens). Genesis accounts will be used, so that people don’t gain an advantage from the creation of new accounts (which many people have done as a natural progression). And people can buy more than the intial claim limit through online Dex such as Dexeos etc. So, it’ll be interesting to see how the dynamics of voting play out here. Thanks for the comment. A good point.

    1. globalgreg Post author

      My pleasure Dody! I hope there’s some useful intel there. Just a heads up that Telos will launch any day, as from today. There’s nothing ‘special’ you have to do yet, if you own EOS. Just keep an eye out for when they request people to start claiming their new Telos accounts from EOS mainnet.