Telos is a blockchain project created by the community, led by the community and is for the community. This is why Telos did not hesistate to commit 1 million TLOS for anyone that is excited to share their excitement of all that it has to offer. You might ask, “What does Telos have to offer?’ Well, a lot!!

Let me just share a few! Telos will be capping the amount of TLOS tokens to those listed on EOS genesis snapshot at 40,000, thereby removing the damaging effect of whales that everyone in the EOS community has been complaining about. This also reduces the amount of TLOS tokens to about 330 million or less which will add value to token holders. Most people agree that the less tokens a project has the more value it has except the project does not create any value which is exactly the opposite of what Telos is doing.

Telos will have an annual inflation of 2.5% which is half of that of EOS. Lower inflation means that the tokens are not diluted in the long run. Inverse voting will be applied to Telos which means that the less block producers you vote for the less the weight of your vote. This means that if you vote for 1 or 2 block producers, your votes have less weight than if you vote for 30. Telos will have mechanisms to curb the price speculation of RAM so that Dapp developers can focus on building ground breaking Dapps instead of worrying about the price of RAM. I can go on and on but you get the point! My excitement is off the charts, but let’s get to how you can earn community rewards

First of all, the Telos network might be launching as soon as October the 19th depending on whether go/no go vote amoungst the block produers so the community rewards programming will be ending as soon as the network launches. You will also need time to register online to participate. Not only that, you will need to read the white paper and get involved in the community to learn more so you can be more knowledgeable when you are sharing.Some of the rewards you get are 10 TLOS for making a Youtube or Vimeo video and depending on the views, you can get up to 150 TLOS, writing an article like this gets you 50 TLOS and if posted in different platforms, nets you additional 50 TLOS for each platform, posting on sites like facebook, Linkedin, etc., nets you 5 TLOS and depending on the likes you can get up to 150 TLOS, etc. Now think about this! Nobody knows for sure what TLOS will be worth at launch, but if it is priced at $0.50 – $1.00, those TLOS tokens might be worth a lot.

So what are you waiting for??? Jump right in! I made a short Youtube video about this

For more indepth details, visit the official rewards website @ Here is to learning, sharing and earning some TLOS!!!

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    1. financialfreedomcj Post author

      Being honest, if we were not in a Crypto recession, it would probably be half to a third of the value of EOS but with the mood in Crypto, price prediction is difficult. It could be any price. Personally, I think btw $0.50 to $1.50.