Telos IPFS Innovation

The Telos Launch Group is introducing InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) in Telos Blockchain Network. Telos Launch Group is excited about implementing file storage solutions on IPFS.

IPFS is a protocol and network designed to create a content-addressable, peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system. It follows a peer-to-peer protocol to power faster transactions and more resilient networks.

You can also think about an IPFS as a “peer-to-peer” distributed file system. It connects to all computing devices within the system and unite them as a comprehensive integrated single system of files. You can also think about IPFS as something that is similar to the World Wide Web (WWW). IPFS can also be thought of a single BitTorrent swarm, which exchanges objects within one big repository. IPFS may have the ability to provide a high-throughput, content-addressed block storage model, with content-addressed hyperlinks.

Telos is the first to use IPFS in an EOSIO smart contract system. However IPFS has many potential applications outside of blockchain echosystem.

You can think about an IPFS as a type of decentralized storage network. It has long been expected for EOSIO; especially for EOS Mainnet. However, it has not yet been implemented (or promised any time soon) on EOS Mainnet. Telos is already implementing it. Telos will launch with working IPFS. Telos Launch Group is working hard to ensure successful implement ion of IPFS. EOS Mainnet and any other new EOSIO chains will need to evolve quickly to keep them up, adding their own important new features in the future. This will also put lot of pressure on Telos and it will keep Telos to focus on step-by-step innovation in future. I see a very competitive environment in future for EOSIO chains.

Telos Launch Group is focusing on flexibility and future adaptability. No doubt, Telos will be able to adapt and respond quickly by voting on the direction of the network’s growth via Worker Proposal Fund (WPS) and using Ratify.Amend to change our governance when it does not work.

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