Telos is on many ways better than EOS. It is general public blockchain. People like us can have impact on Telos Blockchain. Many of my friends are waiting for it to be launched.. To be ready to buy it low..

We are waiting for Telos from many many months. Now it looks like it will be launched soon. Go for it.

According to the Telos Launch Checklist  next go/no-go decision date is Nov 27th, 2018 17:00 UTC. This time there is high probability to launch the Telos Network. On a yes vote, the network launch is expected about 7 hours later at midnight UTC. The progress in Telos monitor seems good.

Telos will be launched by a group of people spread over all over world. Many of them are active participants in the EOS mainnet launch, and have remained active in EOS mainnet operations ever since.

According to the Telos Launch Checklist, this list of work has already been done:

  • Create testing tool – Grow
  • Create network monitor
  • Claim rewards improvements
  • Inverse-weighted voting
  • BP rewards (EBPs receive X, Standby BPs receive 50% of X)
  • Removal of non-producing BPs
  • Scheduled standby BP rotations
  • Enforce BP minimums
  • Refactor unit tests
  • Telos Blockchain Network operating agreementtelos link
  • TF RAM administration
  • Ratify final governance program
  • Minimum BP requirements
  • Wallet Apptelos link
    • Validate Voting Transactions in wallet
    • Validate Wallet Security
  • Block Explorer
  • Get listed with at least one exchange
  • Include snapshot accounts
  • Community rewards systemtelos link
  • Telos Foundation System
  • Launch group rewards system
  • Verified capped genesis snapshot
  • At least 40 BP candidates have successfully participated in test launches
  • Agree upon ABP launch group (six across globe)
  • Lost tokens processedtelos link
  • Two testnets up, public and private staging testnet
  • Define final TLOS token balance (EOS snapshot + Rewards +/- lost/compromised keys)

Unfinished Work:

This unfinished work will be monitored closely:

  • Rewrite regproducer to include BP json format
  • IPFS
  • Telos Foundation voting tokens
  • Ratify/Amend contract
  • Arbitration contract
  • Minimum arbitrator requirements
  • Register arbitrator
  • Enforce arbitrator minimums
  • Arbitration mechanisms (voting, candidates, etc.)
  • Worker proposal contract

Let’s Go to Telos

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