Telos and their Airdrop

So, we all know about TELOS, right? The “sister chain” of EOS which will be sitting alongside EOS when their mainnet goes “live”. Currently in testnet mode (you can check its block activity here:, their raison d’etre, in their own words, “is to have the most even money supply distribution of any blockchain. This token distribution improves governance so the network is more secure and sustainable.”

By now you should be fully aware of the airdrop that is happening for all those who held EOS at the time of the EOS genesis snapshot (June 2nd this year). If you’re not, they will be dropping their tokens (TLOS) to all said holders on a 1:1 basis with a cap of 40,000 TLOS per EOS address. This cap was introduced to level the playing field between us minnows (the majoriy) and the whales (the few) who control the vast proportion of EOS currently in supply.

In terms of the project going live, there is a scheduled “go/no go” vote on the 17th October. Much like the birth of the EOS mainnet, a consensus will be required from the voting BPs and candidate BPs.

What you may not know is that in addition to receivng TLOS as an airdrop, there is still the possibilty to “earn” more TLOS through what they call their “Telos Community Rewards Programme”. But you’ll have to be quick as this programme is due to close soon.

The Telos Community Rewards Programme

The rewards programme is an incentive to publicize TELOS across a variety of channels, many of which you’ll already be members of. This is a one-off programme as far as I can tell and a set amount of TLOS (1 million) has been earmarked if you wish to participate. When you consider the total supply of TELOS will be between 190 and 330 million, this is a sizeable share.

So, how can you earn rewards? The main avenues are as follows:

Post a video online via Vimeo, Youtube etc:

1 post = 10 TLOS with a sliding scale of further rewards depending on the number of views your creation receives (up to a maximum of 150 TLOS for 500+ views).

Post an article on social media channels such as Facebook or Linkedin etc:

1 post = 5 TLOS, again with a sliding scale of further rewards depending on the number of likes (up to a maximum of 125 TLOS for 500+ likes).

Post on Twitter, Weibo etc:

1 post = 3 TLOS. Sliding scale up to 150 TLOS for 500+ likes/retweets.

Forum based chat + replies:

Post = 10 TLOS and a reply = 3 TLOS

Quora article:

Post a technical based article on how to do something on TELOS etc = 50 TLOS

Post on instagram etc:

Post a graphic relating to TELOS = 50 TLOS

These are just the bare bones as there are other ways you can contribute. The full details of the programme (including all the options) can be found here:

To particiate in this programme you must register with the system and provide your user names in the various platforms. Again, the full details can be found from the link above.

To find out more about the TELOS project, you can also follow the links as listed below:

Good luck with your activities and keep up to date with all things TELOS as it really is shaping up to be a fantastic project 🙂

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  1. Zeus69

    Thank you David, very useful, the issue I have in general, I have all my crypto on Binance exchange, I know it sounds stupid, but, shew there are so many wallets, exchanges, places to store, etc etc. Its freaking me out. 🙂
    I’m not even sure if Binance will accept the drops????
    But I enjoyed your content and I think very valuable.

    1. David Cooper Post author

      Hi Zeus. You really should move your asstes to wallets where you have control of the private keys, otherwise your assets are not really yours. Private key = ownership, let alone what happened to Mount Gox. The best way to simplify things would be to have 2 wallets. For your EOS and all things related you really need to get your Scatter NOW. It’s simple to set up and also links in nicely with eostoolkit (which is a great resource). Equally, Scatter will be compatible with TELOS. And did you know that TELOS will be doing their own snapshot 2-3 weeks after they have gone live. And they are doing that for future airdrops on their chain. So now we will have airdrops on an airdrop! And for the majority of other coins I would recommend the Exodus wallet. It can hold all things ETH and BTC + lots more besides. This should cover the majority of assets except ADA, in which case I would recommend their Daedalus wallet (I believe they have a “lite” version now, so you don’t need to download the entire chain for it to synch). I would also recommend you install MetaMask for ETH related assets (think of it as Scatter for ETH). Both Scatter and MetaMask act as a security between you and your assets. They never reveal your private keys but allow you to perform functions on their respective chains. Hope that helps.

    1. David Cooper Post author

      Thanks Luke – and I put it together as not only is the programme ending soon but I also hadn’t seen an article that actually detailed the rewards available. Yes, articles which referenced it, but none that actually detailed it. And in these days where we have just seconds to grab the attention, I thought it would make sense 🙂

    1. David Cooper Post author

      Thanks CD, my pleasure. And also have you heard the latest “chatter” proposing to bring the cap down to 20,000 from 40,000? It will affect around another 1,000 EOS addresses only and definitely one to watch (lots of comments on the telegram channel).