Telos is a new independent blockchain. The code is forked from EOSIO open source software. It shares a similar code base as EOS and all it’s EOSIO variants.

You can think about Telos as an improved version of EOS; especially in Token Allocation, Governance, and Enterprise Grade Security. Look at Ref: for more information.

Telos Testnet is growing and has seen lot of acceptance… Telos Testnet is at Stage 1.1. Soon we will move to Stage 2.

EOS Sweden (BP ID: swedencornet) is part of Telos Testnet. We see it as a promising project which addresses many pain points of EOS Echo System.

Some of the features of Telos Include:

Inverse-weighted voting

Telos has improved a lot on EOS to eliminate the influence of whales and voting discrepancies. On of it’s tool is to utilize inverse-weighted voting. One must select and vote 30 block producers in order to utilize the full weight of their vote. Without doing this the value of the vote will be proportionally reduced.

Telos Infrastructure, Governance, and Compliance

Telos infrastructure and governance will be run by high quality and trusted custodians individually referred to as a Block Producer (BP). BP compliance will be strictly code-enforced and non performing BPs will be panelized.

Network Security and Reliability

With improved voting and token distribution we will see that the best block producers will rise to the top. Any mistakes on their part in terms of security or reliability will result in real consequences/loss of income. Of particular note, standby block producer testing is inbuilt into Telos. All 30 standbys are rotated through to produce blocks (6 hours every 5 days) while top BPs are given a weekly 12-hour maintenance window. This allows all active block producers to make critical improvements to both security and reliability and ensures standby readiness is proven at all times.

The Telos BP pay structure further ensures network resiliency as all BPs receive the same pay rate and standby BPs receive half that rate. In EOS the ratio is closer to 9:1, which relegates the rarely tested standby BPs to increasingly falling behind top 21 BP standards. Telos is concerned with better pay equity as a means to ensure excellent infrastructure and support.

You are ALL Welcome to joint Telos.

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